3-Minutes Best Quick Dashi Recipe

Japanese Dashi (Soup Stock)

Have you known that there are so many kinds of dashi in Japan?
8 Common Types of Dashi and Their Uses

Each one of them has great umami (delicious taste) and it upgrade various dishes dramatically!

As you may know, there are useful dashi products such as dashi granules, dashi pack, and some sauce containing dashi (mentsuyu, shirodashi, etc. ).

Those useful products are always helpful and easy to use!

But, I believe some of you still looking for really easy & quick way to make “real” dashi not using dashi granules.

I would like to introduce the perfect way for such people.

This is the recipe for EASY, QUICK, and DELICIOUS dashi.

You can make absolutely great KATSUO DASHI (bonito soup stock) at home, so please check it out!

3-Minutes Katsuo Dashi Recipe


・4-5 g Dried bonito shavings
・0.8 cup (200ml) Hot water


1. Put dried bonito shavings in heat resistant container.

2. Pour boiled water into the container.

3. Put the lid on*, and wait for 3 minutes.

4. Strain after 3 minutes. Squeeze out the water contained
in dried bonito shavings.

Ready to use!

*You can use anything for the lid. I used aluminum foil to cover.

Since the dried bonito shavings absorb the water, the amount of finished dashi stock is a little scarce compared with 200ml that you prepared in advance.

4 to 5g of dried bonito shavings are a guideline amount for 200 ml of water, so please adjust the amount of each as necessary.

How to Use the Remaining Residue

Use it as it is

The remaining residue of dried bonito shavings can be used later. You can make furikake or use it as topping for various dishes.

To make furikake, all you need is just adding a little soy sauce. Then put it on steamed rice.

Make second dashi

Also, you can actually make the second dashi from the residue because there are some umami ingredients left in the residue.

To make the second dashi, please freeze residue right after you make the first dashi. When you will make the second dashi from it, boil it for 5 minutes with 100ml of water. When straining, squeeze firmly.

You can make only 100 ml of dashi like this. This amount is probably too small. If you need more second dashi, please keep the residue of first dashi several times, then boil it with more water.

The second dashi has weaker smell of bonito than the first one, but it definitely makes your dish delicious with great umami!

Enjoy making homemade dashi!



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