3 Tricks to Make TONKATSU (Japanese Pork Cutlet) Dramatically Delicious

Tonkatsu Recipe

Ingredients (for 1 serving)

・3.5 oz (100g) Pork loin
・A pinch of Salt and pepper
・1-2 tsp Flour

・1 Egg
・4 tbsp Flour
・2 tbsp Water
・1 tsp Oil

・2-3 tbsp Panko
・Oil for frying (White sesame oil + Black sesame oil)

Tonkatsu sauce★
・3 tbsp Tonkatsu sauce (Bull-Dog)
・1 tsp Mayonnaise (Kewpie)
・1/2 tsp Whisky
・A pinch of White pepper

・Shredded cabbage
・Karashi (Japanese mustard)

3 Tricks to Make Perfect Tonkatsu

  1. Dip in batter and then in panko. Don’t forget to add a little oil to the batter.
  2. Use white sesame oil to fry the pork. Add a little black sesame oil to white sesame oil to make it much more flavorful.
  3. For the sauce, mix tonkatsu sauce with mayonnaise, whiskey and white pepper to create a deeper flavor.


1. Cut into the fatty part of the pork with a knife. Sprinkle salt and pepper.

2. Thinly coat the pork with flour.

3. Make batter liquid, and dip the pork into the batter, then coat it with panko.

4. Mix white sesame oil with a little black sesame oil. Fry in oil for 3-4 minutes on each side until golden brown.

5. Make tonkatsu sauce by mixing [★].

6. Prepare cabbage and lemon on a plate and place the tonkatsu in bite-size pieces.

Ready to eat!

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