MLB opening soon? [3 min JAPANESE #1 – Easy Learning]

Seems like MLB is figuring out the best way to begin the regular season safely.

Actually I am a big fun of Japanese professional baseball.
So I’ve been waiting for baseball league season stats in Japan.
Probably Japanese league are planning to open June if things go well…

The professional baseball league in Taiwan and Korea is already started so
I hope Japanese and American league can do that soon!!
I can’t wait to scream cheering in front of the TV.

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is this.

How to say “My favorite baseball player is [Maru] from [Kyojin]” in Japanese.
[Maru] is the name of baseball player.
[Kyojin] is the name of supporting team.

My favorite baseball player is [Maru] from [Kyojin].

watashi no okiniiri no yakyuu sensyu wa Kyojin no Maru sensyu desu.

  • My → 私の (わたしの / watashino)

  • favorite → お気に入りの (おきにいりの / okiniiri no)

  • baseball → 野球 (やきゅう / yakyuu)

  • player → 選手 (せんしゅ / sensyu)

  • from Kyojin → 巨人の (きょじんの / Kyojin no)

  • Maru → 丸選手 (まるせんしゅ / Maru sensyu)

  • is → です (desu)

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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