Social Distancing [3 min JAPANESE #12 – Easy Learning]

Restaurants all over the world are now facing difficulty that they need
to encourage social distancing during pandemic.
Seems like some of them already figured out the creative way to keep diners safely separated.

In Japan, I’ve heard some restaurant at the animal park created safely separated seats for customers by putting cute stuffed animals on each seat so that they don’t sit down facing each other.

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is about social distancing.
Let’s learn 2 Japanese words for social distancing.

social distancing
so-syaru dhisutansu

This katakana words came from the English word “social distancing”.
It sounds almost the same as English one.

Next, we don’t really say like this but if we say it in really Japanese style,
I mean with kanji characters.

social distancing
syakaiteki kyori

  • social → 社会的 (しゃかいてき / syakaiteki)

  • distance → 距離 (きょり / kyori)

How about the phrase “keeping a distance”?

keeping a distance
kyori wo tamotsu

  • distance → 距離 (きょり / kyori)

  • を (wo) is particle which indicates the object of the action

  • keep → 保つ (たもつ / tamotsu)

Next, let’s make the sentence using “social distancing (ソーシャルディスタンス)”.

The restaurant assures social distancing seats.
resutoran wa seki no so-syaru dhisutansu wo kakuho suru.

  • restaurant → レストラン (resutoran)

  • は is particle which is topic maker

  • seat(s) → 席 (せき / seki)

  • の is particle which qualifies the noun “social distancing”

  • social distancing → ソーシャルディスタンス (so-syaru dhisutansu)

  • を is particle which indicates the object of the action

  • assure → 確保する (かくほする / kakuhosuru)

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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