Exercise [3 min JAPANESE #14 – Easy Learning]

June 3rd I heard it’s Global Running Day, also it’s World Bicycle Day.

I don’t know why it’s for both of them but anyway seems like June 3rd
is the best day for doing exercise. haha

Today’s 3 min JAPANESE is relating to exercise.

Let’s learn 3 Japanese words for exercise.

  1. 運動する
  2. 体を動かす
  3. 筋トレをする

  1. do exercise

    ● exercise → 運動 (うんどう / undou)

    ● do → する (suru)

  2. do exercise
    karada wo ugokasu

    ● body → 体 (からだ / karada)

    ● を is particle which indicates the object of the action

    ● move → 動かす (うごかす / ugokasu)

    So “体を動かす” sounds like “move your body”.

  3. work out
    kintore wo suru

    *1筋トレ is an abbreviation for 筋肉トレーニング

    ● muscle → 筋肉 (きんにく / kinniku)

    ● training → トレーニング (とれーにんぐ / tore-ningu)

    ● を is particle which indicates the object of the action

    ● do → する (suru)

    So “筋トレをする” sounds like “do muscle training”.

Next, let’s make a sentence using this vocabulary.

I want to get some exercise because I’m out of shape.
undoubusoku nanode karada wo ugokashitai.

  • out of shape → 運動不足*2 (うんどうぶそく / undoubusoku)

  • because → なので (nanode) or だから (dakara)

  • want to get some exercise → 体を動かしたい*3(からだをうごかしたい / karada wo ugokashitai)

    *2運動 (うんどう / undou) → exercise
        不足 (ふそく / husoku) → lack / shortage
        You need to add a voiced consonant mark on ふ
        for making the word 運動不足.

    *3want to → 〜したい or 〜たい
        When you combine “want to” with some verb,
        you need to change  the verb a little. In this case, 
        体を動かす has to be changed into 体を動かしたい.

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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