Home Haircut [3 min JAPANESE #3 – Easy Learning]

Because of this situation lately, I think a lot of beautician all over the world
have been teaching how to cut your hair at home?

Have you tried to cut your hair or your family’s hair at home?
Actually I did it to my husbands couple of times recently.
At first, I felt I will mess up his hair style, and worried but finally I tried and had so much fun.

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is relating to this Home Haircut.
Let’s learn how to say “Cut my hair by myself” in Japanese.

Cut my hair by myself
jibun de kami wo kiru

  • by myself → 自分で (じぶんで / jibunde)

  • (one’s) hair → 髪 (かみ / kami)

  • を (wo) is particle which indicates the object of the action

  • cut → 切る (きる / kiru)

[Extra lesson]

How about “Cut my bangs by myself” in Japanese.

Cut my bangs by myself
jibun de maegami wo kiru

  • (one’s) bangs → 前髪 (まえがみ / maegami)*
    *前 → front / former
    *髪 is pronounced as がみ (gami) for 前髪

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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