Phrases for Housework [3 min JAPANESE #5 – Easy Learning]

Seems like the pile of dirty dishes make people crazy during quarantine.
Especially where restaurants are closed, cooking at home is unavoidable.

How about you?
Aren’t you stressed out with washing dishes or maybe other housework?

I do like cooking but I hate cleaning up the dishes after the meal.
I can’t wait to have dish washer someday… (I don’t have plan for it though.)

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is this.

Let’s learn 3 Japanese phrases for “housework”.

Phrases for housework:

  1. 食器を洗う (しょっきをあらう / syokki wo arau)
  2. 家のそうじをする (いえのそうじをする / ie no souji wo suru)
  3. 朝食を作る (ちょうしょくをつくる / chousyoku wo tsukuru)

  1. Wash dishes
    syokki wo arau

    ● dishes → 食器 (しょっき / syokki) or 皿 (さら / sara)

    ● を (wo) is particle which indicates the object of the action

    ● wash → 洗う (あらう / arau)

  2. Clean the house

    ie no souji wo suru

    ● the house → 家 (いえ / ie)

    ● の (no) is particle which qualifies the verb “clean”

    ● clean → そうじをする (souji wo suru)

  3. Make breakfast
    chousyoku wo tsukuru

    ● breakfast → 朝食 (ちょうしょく / chousyoku)

    ● を (wo) is particle which indicates the object of the action

    ● make → 作る (つくる / tsukuru)

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!


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