Accidentally Delete Emails [3 min JAPANESE #6 – Easy Learning]

CTV – The Loop said on May 21st “Chris Pratt accidentally deleted over 51,000 emails”.
I don’t know how many important emails were included there, but yeah… that’s too bad he deleted that large amount of emails.

Why don’t we talk about something about emails for today’s 3 min JAPANESE.

Let’s learn how to say “Delete the emails accidentally” in Japanese.

Delete the emails accidentally
machigaete me-ru wo kesu

  • accidentally → 間違えて (まちがえて / machigaete)

  • the emails → メール (me-ru)

  • を (wo) is particle which indicates the object of the action

  • delete → 消す (けす / kesu)

[Extra lesson 1]

verb: make a mistake → 間違える (まちがえる / machigaeru)

adverb: accidentally → 間違えて (まちがえて / machigaete)

[Extra lesson 2]

<present tense>
delete the email
→ メールを消す (めーるをけす / me-ru wo kesu)

<past tense>
deleted the email
→ メールを消した (めーるをけした / me-ru wo keshita)

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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