Memorial Day [3 min JAPANESE #7 – Easy Learning]

It’s the last Monday of May, and Memorial day in the U.S.
So I want to do 3 minutes JAPANESE relating to this holiday today.

Memorial day is for honoring and mourning the military personnel
who had died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Let’s learn Japanese word for “Memorial day”.

When we hear the word “memorial day”, it should be translated as 記念日 (きねんび / kinenbi) in Japanese.
But only 記念日 cannot explain the U.S. memorial day.
I mean it doesn’t include the meaning of honoring soldiers.

In order to explain the Memorial day precisely, we say
senbotsu syouhei tsuitou kinenbi

  • soldiers killed in wars → 戦没将兵 (せんぼつしょうへい / senbotsu syouhei )

  • mourning → 追悼 (ついとう / tsuitou)

The word 記念日 (きねんび / kinenbi) also can be used as “anniversary”.
For example:

wedding anniversary
kekkon kinenbi

  • wedding → 結婚 (けっこん / kekkon)

  • anniversary → 記念日 (きねんび / kinenbi)

anniversary of foundation
souritsu kinenbi

  • foundation → 創立 (そうりつ / souritsu)

  • anniversary → 記念日 (きねんび / kinenbi)

one year anniversary
ichinen kinenbi

  • one year → 1年 (いちねん / ichinen)

  • anniversary → 記念日 (きねんび / kinenbi)

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!


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