Ashikaga Flower Park “Demon Slayer” Real Life Locations in Japan

Here, I would like to introduce the details about Ashikaga Flower Parkwhich is an flower theme park in Ashikaga city, Tochigi prefecture.
This is the 6th “Demon Slayer” Real life Locations on the list.

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What Is Ashikaga Flower Park?

Ashikaga flower park was originally started as a farm in 1968, and was expanded to a flower theme park in 1997. There are various flowers blooming from season to season, and the park is colored with many flowers. More than 1.5 million visitors visit here annually.

You can enjoy looking at 150-year-old-great Japanese wisteria tree which is the landmark of this theme park, tulips, hydrangeas, roses, and so on. In addition to the seasonal flowers in full bloom, you can also enjoy the illuminations in winter (other different events in each season), delicious local foods, and souvenir shops. I recommend to check the best season for your favorite flowers or events in advance. And please refer to the detail information on this site!

Why Is It Real life Locations?

The flower of wisteria appear in Demon Slayer as what demons hate, demon’s weaknesses. Many wisteria flowers are in full bloom at Mt. Fujikasane (藤襲山) where Tanjiro takes the final selection in order to join the demon slayer corps.

The reason why this theme park is considered as the real life location of Demon Slayer is that the scenery of Mt. Fujikasane with the beautiful wisteria and the scenery of giant wisteria shelf at Ashikaga flower park are very much alike. You can immerse yourself in the world view of Demon Slayer watching this amazing view.

The best time to see this flower is from April to May. So, please try to visit here during that season!

For those who can’t visit here in the best season, there is a beautiful purple light-up (illumination display) that imitates wisteria flowers during late October to early February. 

What Is the Highlight of Ashikaga Flower Park?

Boasts a History of 150 Years: Wisteria Shelf

The huge wisteria shelf (Oh-fuji-dana) is definitely the best part of Ashikaga flower park, and known as the landmark of this park. I believe that this is the most important spot for fans of Demon Slayer as I mentioned earlier.

This wisteria tree is actually 150 years old, and beautiful flowers can reach over 6 inches in length. It blooms every year from mid-April to mid-May. If you have the chance, you can watch illuminated wisteria flowers during that season at night.

Other than the wisteria shelf (Oh-fuji-dana), there are many different types of wisteria such as “yae-fuji” which is rare in the world, the long wisteria (Oh-naga-fuji) which flower cluster grows up to 6 ft. The color of wisteria is not only purple, but you can also enjoy looking at yellow, white, and pink wisteria.

Seasonal Flowers You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Other than bunch of wisteria, you can see seasonal flowers throughout the year. The flower park divide a year into 8 parts, and each season is having various beautiful flowers. The followings are just a little part of them.

・Early March to mid-April: 20,000 tulips (pink, red, yellow, and white) , Rape blossoms, and Cherry blossoms. *They hold spring flower festival during this season
・June: Hydrangea
・Late June to late November: 300,000 Tropical water lily
・Early October to late November: Amethyst sage
・Winter: Pansy, Peony, and Japanese allspice

Illumination Display with Dream-like Atmosphere

The even of the illumination display is called “Garden of light flowers”, and it’s held in the evenings during late October to early February. They’re like Christmas lights, but you can enjoy besides the Christmas season. There are various types of illumination display imaging rainbow, galaxy railway, pyramid, etc.

Like I mentioned earlier, the must-see spot of this event is bunch of beautiful purple lights imaging wisteria flowers.

Enjoy Tasty Food Using Local Ingredients

Ashikaga flower park has various attractive restaurants where you can enjoy scrumptious dishes. The restaurant “Wisteria” located near the front gate serves dishes using ingredients from Tochigi prefecture. The steak bowl using Tochigi brand beef, shimotsuke-gyu (下野牛) especially tastes amazing!

Basic Information of Ashikaga Flower Park

Ashikaga Flower Park あしかがフラワーパーク
・Address: 607 Hasama-cho, Ashikaga city, Tochigi, Japan
・Tel: 0284-91-4939
・Admission Fee: Adults 300-1800 yen / Children 100-900 yen (Depending on the condition of the flowers)
・Opening Time: 9:00 – 18:00 (Depending on the season)

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Transport / Access of Ashikaga Flower Park

The nearest station is Ashikaga flower park station, 3 minutes walk from the station.

From Tokyo station: Transfer at Oyama station on the Utsunomiya line, and go on the Ryomo line toward Takasaki. (From Oyama station to Ashikaga flower park station, it takes about 2.5 hours.)

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