Best Vegan Miso Fried Rice Recipe

This is the BEST VEGAN FRIED RICE that you can make SO EASY & QUICK at home.

The curry flavor matches perfect with miso paste. Moreover, deep-fried tofu become very juicy and seriously delicious!

If you are interested in the regular miso fried rice, please check below.
Best Miso Fried Rice Recipe


・11.6 oz (330g) Steamed rice
・1.7 oz (50g) Thin deep-fried tofu*1
・1.7 oz (50g) Mixed vegetable*2
・1 oz (30g) Green onion
・1 clove of Garlic

Sauce for the fried rice
・2.5 teaspoons Miso
・2.5 teaspoons Sake
・2 teaspoons Sugar
・1.5 teaspoons Soy sauce
・1 teaspoon Curry powder*3
・0.5 teaspoon Kombu powder*3

・Salt and Pepper
・1 tablespoon Vegetable oil

*1 You can use your favorite tofu product, for example, regular tofu and thick deep-fried tofu.
*2 Please use your favorite vegetables instead of mixed vegetable.
*3 If you can’t find or don’t like the taste of curry and kombu powder, please just skip them. Since miso and other seasonings are added, it will be seasoned enough without those powder.


1.First of all, prepare the sauce for fried rice. Mix all of seasonings except salt and pepper in a bowl.

When the sauce is ready, pour vegetable oil in the heated frying pan.

3.Cook garlic first. Transfer the garlic scent to oil. Be careful not to burn the garlic.

4.Add steamed rice, and coat rice with oil well.

5.Add thin deep-fried tofu, minced green onion, and mixed vegetable.

6.Put the sauce (1) on the rice.

7. Stir-fry well (maybe about 5-7 minutes) in order to evaporate the water in rice.

8.Check the taste, and add salt and pepper as you like.

TIP: Please cook the rice a little harder in advance so that you can make NON-STICKY, NON-SOGGY fried rice more easily.

Ready to eat!

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