BOK CHOY miso soup recipe

BOK CHOY miso soup

It has been so cold these days. I think a lot of people get sick or flu in this season. Fortunately Tokyo doesn’t have snow and not that much cold compared to the north part of Japan. But still this is tough season for me to survive… I feel listless this week so let’s make miso soup of nutritious food!

bok choy

Today I choose the combination of bok choy and egg. It is said that bok choy contains beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, and vitamin C. Especially vitamin C help us to recover from exhaustion.
I should get more energy from the soup and get ready for the weekend! haha

【Recipe (2 servings)】

1 oz miso paste (fermented soybean paste)*1
1 teaspoon dashi granules*2
2.5 oz bok choy, Cut into bite-sized
1 egg
1.7 cups (400ml) water

*1 Feel free to adjust the amounts of miso paste to your liking.
*2 If miso paste already contains dashi, don’t need dashi granules. I use miso paste containig dashi this time.


1. Heat water and bok choy stalks first.

2. Add bok choy leaves and beaten egg and stir lightly. (Add dashi granules if you need).

3. Wait for a few second until egg is cooked through.

4. Add miso paste and stir until miso has completely melted.

BOK CHOY miso soup
BOK CHOY miso soup

Ready to eat!

It’s been a while since I used egg for miso soup last time…
Egg always makes the soup even better, and when it matches with bok choy, the soup becomes sort of Chinese cuisine!
I will sleep well after eating this energetic soup, so I will get better.

Enjoy your miso soup!

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