BROAD BEAN miso soup recipe

BROAD BEAN miso soup

The season of cherry blossoms is almost over in Tokyo.
That’s too bad I won’t be able to look up lovely cherry blossoms anymore but this is the change of the seasons…

Beautiful green leaves came out gradually and they gives me fresh energy!
How do you feel the change of the seasons in your country?

Nature always show us wonderful visual every time the seasons change, such as trees, flowers, winds, and so on.
Seasonal foods also give us indication of each season. And I got another springlike material: BROAD BEANS for today.

Although the weather is too cold for spring, the bright green color of broad beans will bring fresh feeling to our table!

【Recipe (2 servings)】

1 oz miso paste (fermented soybean paste)*1
1 teaspoon dashi granules*2
8 pieces of broad beans
1.5 oz lettuce, Shred into bite-sized
1 egg
1.7 cups (400ml) water
(Prepare extra water to boil broad beans)

*1 Feel free to adjust the amounts of miso paste to your liking.
*2 If miso paste already contains dashi, don’t need dashi granules.


1. Boil broad beans for 1 min, and peel their skin.

2. Boil water for miso soup.

3. Add broad beans, beaten egg, and dashi granules. Heat egg very quickly over high heat, then turn off heat.

4. Add shred lettuce, then remove from heat.

5. Add miso paste and stir until miso is completely melted.

BROAD BEAN miso soup
BROAD BEAN miso soup

Ready to eat!

I like the bright color in miso soup!
I love the pale pink and vivid pink of cherry blossoms but this GREEN bowl is also lovely for spring.

Soft and delicious broad beans greatly matches with miso taste.

Last time I used lettuce for miso soup, I could feel little grassy smell. So I decided to use beaten egg to make it mild. It was absolutely good idea!

Enjoy your miso soup!

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