Creamy Spicy Cod Roe Pasta Recipe


Have you ever heard about or tasted Tarako (cod roe) or Karashi mentaiko (spicy cod roe)?
Both of them are foods made from the ovaries of the Alaska pollock.

Those two are different in flavor:
【Cod Roe (Tarako / Mentaiko)】is made by preserving with salt.
【Spicy Cod Roe (Karashi mentaiko / Mentaiko)】is made by preserving with red peppers, salt, soy sauce, and so on.

They both have popping texture and taste really good!!

Probably people who don’t like spicy foods, they choose the former one. But I love the spicy foods, so always buy spicy cod roe.
Spicy cod roe is not only spicy, but has complex flavor come from unique sauce.

There are so many great dish that made with spicy cod roe, and Creamy Spicy Cod Roe Pasta is unbelievably tasty and also very easy to cook.
Please try this amazing “must-eat” Japanese pasta!

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【Recipe (2 servings)】

●5 oz pasta
●1 tablespoon salt
2 oz spicy cod roe (Karashi-Mentaiko)*1
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon miso paste (shinshu koji miso paste)
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon mayonnaise
0.2 cup (50ml) heavy cream*2

*1 Use non-spicy cod roe if you want.
*2 Adjust the amount of heavy cream to your liking.

7 sheets shiso (Japanese basil)
A pinch of shredded dried laver


1. Cook pasta with 1 tablespoon salt according to the package, and drain well.

2. Cut shiso (Japanese basil) into shredded. (Rolling up shiso sheets is making cut easy) .

3. Make a cut into the center of spicy cod roe. Then tear off cod roe from its skin.

4. Add miso paste, soy sauce, and mayonnaise into the mixing bowl. Stir well those seasonings with spicy cod roe.

5. Add boiled pasta and butter, and stir well. Sprinkle shiso and dried laver to your liking. If you have extra spicy cod roe, put it on top too.


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