EASY JAPANESE BREAKFAST #11 And Satisfying Vegetable Tempura Bowl

1. Cheese Chicken Cutlet & Dandan Soup Breakfast

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

Cheese chicken cutlet
・7 oz (200g) Chicken breast strips
・1.4 oz (40g) Cheese slices
・A pinch of Salt and pepper

・Oil for frying

Dandan soup
・2.8 oz (80g) Sweet potato
・1.7 oz (50g) Carrot
・1.4 oz (40g) Green beans
・1.4 oz (40g) Pork belly
・1 oz (30g) Maitake mushrooms

・1 tbsp Miso paste☆
・1.5 tsp Chicken stock powder☆
・1 tsp Soy sauce☆
・1 tsp Sugar☆
・1.5 tbsp Ground sesame seeds☆
・1/2 tsp Grated garlic☆
・1/2 tsp Grated ginger☆
・0.8 cup (200ml) Water☆
・0.4 cup (100ml) Milk☆
・1-2 tsp Sake (optional)
・1 tsp Sesame oil

・Black sesame seeds


1.  [Cheese chicken cutlet]Remove the chicken stripes and flatten the chicken. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Place a slice of cheese on one piece of chicken and another piece of chicken on top of it. Coat it with mayonnaise, then coat it with panko. Fry in oil for 3 minutes on each sides.

2.  [Dandan soup]Cut vegetables and pork into thin stripes or bite-sized pieces. Simmer them with water until sweet potato is almost cooked. Add pork, green beans, and maitake mushrooms. When pork is cooked, add ☆ and milk. When milk is heated to just before boiling, turn off heat. Add sesame oil and ra-yu as you like.

2. Satisfying Vegetable Tempura Bowl

Ingredients (for 2 servings)

・5.3 oz (150g) Lotus root
・4.2 oz (120g) Eggplant
・3.5 oz (100g) Sweet potato
・3.5 oz (100g) Green beans
・2 tbsp Corn
・1.7 oz (50g) Maitake mushrooms

Tempura batter
・2.5 oz (70g) Flour☆
・0.4 cup (100ml) Cold water☆
・1/2 Egg☆

・Extra flour

Tempura sauce
・3 tbsp Water★
・1 tbsp Mirin★
・1 tbsp Soy sauce★
・1-2 tsp Sugar★
・A pinch of Dashi powder★


1. Cut vegetables into slices or bite-sized pieces.

2. Put a small amount of flour in a container and add the drained vegetables. Cover and shake gently to coat vegetables with a thin layer of flour.

3. Make tempura batter by mixing ☆. Dip the vegetables in tempura batter and deep fry in oil.
Frying time

・Lotus root: 2 minutes on each side
・Eggplant: 1-1.5 minutes on each side
・Sweet potato: 2 minutes on each side
・Green beans + Corn: 2 minutes on each side
・Maitake mushrooms: 1-1.5 minutes on each side

4. In a mixing bowl, combine ★ to make tempura sauce. Microwave or heat in a saucepan until just starting to boil.

5. Serve rice in a bowl and pour a little sauce over the rice. Dip tempura into sauce before placing on top of rice.

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