Kamado Shrine “Demon Slayer” Real Life Locations in Japan

Here, I would like to introduce the details about Kamado Shrine which is a shinto shrine located in Dazaifu, Fukuoka prefecture.
This is the 1st “Demon Slayer” Real life Locations on the list.

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Why Is It Real life Locations?

Although Kamado shrine is not the spot that appear in Demon Slayer, the name of the shrine “Kamado” is the same as the name of the main character, Tanjiro Kamado. That is why it is considered a seichi (sacred place) among Japanese fans.

Also, this shrine is located in Fukuoka prefecture where the author of Demon Slayer, Koyoharu Gotoge was born. It’s said that he gave the main character’s last name “Kamado” because of that.

What Is the Highlight of Kamado Shrine?

The God of Marriage / Avoidance of Bad Luck

The main enshrined deity of Kamado shrine is Tamayori-bime, and widely worshiped as the god of marriage. In addition, there is also the benefit of warding off evil.

Lushly Green Entrance Path to a Shinto Shrine

Kamado shrine is sitting at the foot of Mt. Homan, and the path to the shrine is surrounded with a lot of green. Just walking the approach is fun. You may find deer and a small waterfall there.

Cherry Blossoms in Spring, Autumn Leaves in Autumn

Kamado shrine is also famous as the best place for cherry blossoms in Spring and autumn leaves in Autumn. If you are lucky, there will be cherry blossom festival or maple festival depending on the season.

Demon Slayer Drawing Written on Ema

Ema are wooden plaques that people write their prayers or wishes on. Since this shrine become really famous as “real life locations of Demon Slayer”, so many people visited here and drew pictures of the characters.

Fascinating Sightseeing Tower

You can see a wonderful view from the sightseeing tower at Kamado shrine. Also, I bet those who like architecture would love this place to check the attractive bench and chair that was designed by world famous designer, Jasper Morrison.

Stylish and Modern Shrine Office

The shrine office had renewed in December 2012 with the concept “Shrine that will continue to be loved 100 years later”. It was collaborative work by the world famous interior designer, Masamichi Katayama and Tanemura who has been working on various shrine construction.
The office is a glass-paneled, the ceiling is filled with cherry blossoms, and the theme color of pale pink is really cute. It’s so beautiful that you can’t think of it as a shrine. Actually this is very stylish and modern shrine office that is unusual even across the country, so you should definitely check it out!

Various Types of Unique Charms

Not only the interior and appearance are sophisticated, the shrine office also have various types of charms including charm for marriage, business, good health, safe travel, and so on. And the design of charm is unique and very cute, for example, some charm imitates a strawberry, and some are bracelet type. You would never get tired of watching rich in design and colorful charms.

Basic Information of Kamado Shrine

Kamado Shrine 竈門神社 (also called Homangu Kamado Shrine 宝満宮竈門神社)
・Address: 883 Uchiyama, Dazaifu, Fukuoka (Located at the top of Mt. Homan)
・Tel: 092-922-4106

Transport / Access to Kamado Shrine

Train + Walk

Nearest station is Dazaifu station on the Dazaifu line operated by Nishi-nippon Railroad (Nishitetsu)
You have to walk for 40 min from the nearest station to Kamado shrine.

Train + Local Bus

Those who don’t want to walk, please take the local bus called “Mahoroba-go” from Dazaifu station to Kamado shrine. It takes about 10 min, and costs 100 yen.

Private Car

There is paid parking lot (having almost 100 parking spaces).

From the other shrine, Dazaifu Tenmangu

If you visit Dazaifu Tenmangu before Kamado shrine, it’s better to take the bus (Mahoroba-go) from the nearest bus stop “Miyamae (In front of Sanjo Seven-Eleven)” “宮前(三条セブンイレブン前)” in Japanese.
If you walk from Dazaifu Tenmangu to Kamado shrine, by the way, it takes 30 min.


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