Mackerel Miso Pasta Recipe

Canned mackerel is extremely familiar to Japanese people. It could be main dish on the table even in itself.

There are some recipes using canned mackerel in Japan, and I would like to introduce my favorite one: How to make Mackerel Miso Pasta.

Miso flavor canned mackerel has sweet and salty taste, and perfectly matches with white rice or even pasta!

If you get the one in brine instead of miso, you can still use it. Just make sure to put miso paste to accomplish delicious taste, then adjust the saltiness by adding sugar or mirin.

Ingredients (for 2 servings of mackerel pasta)

・5.3 oz (150g) Pasta (+ salt for boiling)
・7 oz (190g) Canned mackerel
・1 oz Green onion
・2 teaspoon Mentsuyu*1
・0.5 teaspoon Soy sauce
・1 teaspoon Sugar
・1 teaspoon Sake
・1 teaspoon Consomme powder
・0.5 tablespoon Butter
・Black pepper as you like
・Shiso leaves if you have

*1If you don’t have mentsuyu, use 1 teaspoon of soy sauce + 0.5 teaspoon of sugar instead.


1. Boil pasta according to the package. (3-4 minutes before the pasta is boiled, please add sliced green onion to the pot.)

2. Make pasta sauce while boiling pasta: Prepare a big bowl, and put all of mackerel including soup to the bowl.

3. Add all of ingredients to the bowl, and stir well. You don’t have to crush all of the meat of mackerel.

4. When pasta is ready, drain the hot water.  Add butter and stir well.

5. Mix the pasta with mackerel sauce. You can sprinkle more black pepper at the end. If you have shiso leaves, putting shredded shiso is highly recommended.

Ready to eat!



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