Have you ever heard of ajitama (seasoned boiled eggs)?

To make ajitama, you need a marinade sauce made from soy sauce, sake, and sugar.
It’s very popular topping for ramen noodles, and sometimes it could be an appetizer.

I highly recommend to try the recipe for ajitama above, but if you have a chance, please try the miso version too.

Today’s recipe is using three kinds of miso paste to make marinade sauce for eggs. (I just used all kinds of miso in my fridge.)

Although you can use any type of miso paste, don’t forget to use yogurt together.
It makes the taste of eggs milder and very nice actually.

I had MISO-MARINATED EGGS with a beer tonight, and it was perfect combination!
Miso flavored boiled eggs are even more delicious than the one with soy sauce.

Please enjoy the best seasoned eggs with your favorite alcohol sometime!!

After taking out the eggs from marinade sauce, you can still use the sauce for other dish.
Just soak your favorite ingredients such as meat and fish in the marinade sauce, and grill them.

【Recipe (2 servings)】

2 boiled eggs
●2.5 oz miso paste (any type of miso is fine)
●2 tablespoons yogurt
●1.5 tablespoons sugar


1. Mix all of ● seasonings in a storage container.

2. Put boiled eggs in the miso paste sauce. Make sure all over the surface of eggs are covered well by miso.

3. Soak in the miso for few hours. (I did overnight in fridge.)

4. After soaking in, take out the eggs and but them to eat. Sprinkle red pepper to your liking. (I used shichimi togarashi: red pepper with seven kinds of spices.)


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