Mount Hinode “Demon Slayer” Real Life Locations in Japan

Here, I would like to introduce the details about Mt. Hinodewhich stands at the boundary of 2-chome, Ohme city and Hinode town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo.
This is the 9th “Demon Slayer” Real life Locations on the list.

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What Is Mt. Hinode?

・Location: At the boundary of 2-chome, Ohme city and Hinode town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo.
・Elevation: 2,959′ (902m)

Because Mt. Hinode has little snow in winter, climbers visit throughout the year.
You can view not only many mountains of Okutama but also Kanto plain, Tokyo Skytree, and Skyscrapers in the city center from the summit of the mountain.
Also, it’s a great spot for the first sunrise of the year, so climbers form a long line before dawn on New Year’s Day.

Why Is It Real life Locations?

Mt. Hinode is said to be hometown of Gyomei Himejima who is a member of “Hashira”: 9 highest swordsmen in demon slayer corps. This is the reason why this mountain has become “real life location” of Demon Slayer.

Basic Information of Mt. Hinode

Mount Hinode 日の出山
・Address: Ohguno, Hinode town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo, Japan
・Tel: 042-588-5883

Transport / Access to Mt. Hinode

There are several routes for climbing Mt. Hinode. Among those, I would like to introduce the easiest route for beginners here.

That is the route via Mt. Mitake (御岳山). Please follow the direction below.

1. Take the bus bound for [Takimoto station (滝本駅) which is the starting point of Mt. Mitake cable car] departs from [Mitake station (御嶽駅) on JR Ohme line].

2. Take the cable car heading to Mitake station (御岳駅).

3. Start climbing heading to Mt. Hinode from there following the information board on the paved forest road. Although roads on the Mt. Mitake has many branches, there is always a guide board at the branch, so you won’t get lost so bad.

It takes about one hour each way. If you use the same route for returning, it should be easier for beginners.

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