Mount Kagenobu “Demon Slayer” Real Life Locations in Japan

Here, I would like to introduce the details about Mt. Kagenobuwhich stands at the boundary of Hachioji city, Tokyo and Sagamihara city, Kanagawa.
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What Is Mt. Kagenobu?

・Location: At the boundary of Hachioji city, Tokyo and Sagamihara city, Kanagawa.
・Elevation: 2,385′ (727.1m)

Mt. Kagenobu is located in almost the middle of Mt. Takao (高尾山) and Mt. Jinba (陣馬山).

There is little snow in the winter, so you can climb all year round. A lot of people visit there in April to see beautiful cherry blossoms, in May during Golden Week holidays, and in November to see amazing autumn leaves. People even enjoy climbing the mountain during winter season (around February).

You can expect a wonderful view of Mt. Fuji and many other mountains in Okutama area. Summit square is a really spacious place there, and it’s very attractive that there is tea-house where you can relax while looking at the scenery.

Why Is It Real life Locations?

Just like Mt. Hinode, Mt. Kagenobu is said to be hometown of Muichiro Tokito who is a member of “Hashira”: 9 highest swordsmen in demon slayer corps.

In the story, Mt. Kagenobu is supposed to be the place where there was a house where a demon killed his twin brother in front of him.

This mountain’s altitude is not so high, and due to the story setting above, Mt. Kagenobu has become very popular place to visit among Demon Slayer fans.

Basic Information of Mt. Kagenobu

Mount Kagenobu 景信山
・Address: Chigira, Midori-ku, Sagamihara city, Kanagawa, Japan

Transport / Access to Mt. Kagenobu

Because it takes only about 1 hour to get the summit of Mt. Kagenobu from the the starting point of a trail up a mountain, a lot of people like to head to the other mountains from there.
But climbing only Mt. Kagenobu is recommended for beginners or those who want to enjoy mountain climbing in a short time. Here, I would like to introduce the shortest and easiest route.

Route via Kogesawa (小下沢) junction

Time required: About 1 hour for going up / about 40 minutes for down
Route: Please follow the direction below.

1. Take the Keio bus (京王バス) bound for [Kobotoke (小仏)] departs from [the north exit of JR Takao station (JR高尾駅北口)]. It takes about 40 minutes.

2. Get off the bus at the end, Kobotoke bus stop (小仏).

3. Walk to the the starting point of a trail up Mt. Kagenobu (景信山登山口) from the bus stop. It takes about 15 minutes walk.

4. Check the signboard at the starting point, and go toward the direction of Mt. Kagenobu. You will start climbing the stairs.

5. Go through the junction of Kogesawa (小下沢) heading to the summit of Mt. Kagenobu.

The same way will be taken on the way back.

Please do not make a mistake about the name of bus stop at step1. The Keio bus (京王バス) you need to take is departs not from “Keio Takaosanguchi station (京王高尾山口駅)” but from “the north exit of JR Takao station (JR高尾駅北口)”.

At the junction of Kogesawa (小下沢) on the way back, don’t go toward the direction of Kogesawa, you need to go toward the direction of Kobotoke bus stop (小仏バス停).

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