Mount Kumotori “Demon Slayer” Real Life Locations in Japan

Here, I would like to introduce the details about Mt. Kumotoriwhich stands at the boundary of Tokyo, Saitama, and Yamanashi Prefectures.
This is the 7th “Demon Slayer” Real life Locations on the list.

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What Is Mt. Kumotori?

・Location: At the boundary of Tokyo, Saitama, and Yamanashi Prefectures on the island of Honshu, Japan.
・Elevation: 6,618′ (2,017.13m)

Mt. Kumotori is the highest mountain in Tokyo, and this is the only mountain in Tokyo that exceeds 2000m. It was selected as 100 famous mountains in Japan actually.

You can see beautiful Mt. Fuji well from several spots in Mt. Kumotori!

Many mountaineer love this mountain, but climbing this mountain is kind of difficult. Because it is a tough mountain if you are not accustomed to the mountain to some extent, prepare well and climb with experienced people.

Why Is It Real life Locations?

The reason why Mt. Kumotori has become “real life location” of Demon Slayer is that the main character of Demon Slyer: Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, their hometown is this mountain.

It is also the main stage of the beginning of the story. After the demon attacks Tanjiro’s family, he is running down the snowy mountain with his sister on his back who was saved alone. That snowy mountain is exactly Mt. Kumotori.

Anime production team actually visited the mountain in order to draw this scene more realistically. The quality of the snowy mountains drawn in the animation is very high, and it became a hot topic that it was wonderful!

Points to Note When Mountain Climbing


Mt. Kumotori is not an easy mountain to climb. Even experienced climbers can take 6 to 7 hours to reach the summit one way. So, beginners might take 10 hours to reach. Please get ready for a long mountaineering. According to the local guide, it’s better to spend enough time: make a plan and climb a mountain in 2 days and 1 night if possible.


It gets dark earlier during end of fall and winter, and the weather is changeable. The risk of distress definitely increase under the bad weather condition such as wind, rain and snow, and when the temperature difference between day and night is large. Please check the weather forecast in advance very carefully. Probably it’s better to climb from June to October.


Some people wear only short sleeve t-shirt and short pants when climbing, but it’s definitely something you should avoid. Don’t wear flip flops either.

It depends on the season, but the lowest temperature may record below zero in November in Okutama-cho, so you should better prepare clothes to keep out the cold. You sweat when you’re climbing a mountain, but the temperature drops after sunset and as the altitude rises. You may want to bring spare clothes to protect against the cold

Please don’t forget to bring extra water and snacks too just in case!

Basic Information of Mt. Kumotori

Mount Kumotori 雲取山
・Address: Ohtaki, Okutama town, Nishitama-gun, Tokyo, Japan
・Tel: 0494-55-0861

Transport / Access to Mt. Kumotori

The nearest station is Okutama station on JR Ohme line.

How to get to the starting point of a trail up a mountain called Kamosawa-tozanguchi (鴨沢登山口) from Okutama station↓

・Bus: Please take the Nishi Tokyo Bus bound for [Kamosawa-nishi (鴨沢西) or Tanba (丹波)] departs from [Okutama station on JR Ohme line]. It takes about 35 minutes to get the starting point, and costs 630 yen.

・Taxi: Taxi is not always stopped, so you should probably reserve a taxi in advance. It takes about 30 minutes to get the starting point.
LEGALCAB Taxi Tel: 042-550-2712

If you use car to get there, there are parking lot in several places.
・Tozura (留浦) free parking lot near Okutama station (having almost 25 parking spaces)
・Free parking lot near Kamosawa (鴨沢) bus stop along National Route 411 (having almost 13 parking spaces)
・Kosodenokkoshi (小袖乗越) parking lot (having almost 60 parking spaces)

↑The starting point of a trail up a mountain, Kamosawa-tozanguchi (かもさわ登山口)


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