The 10 Best Ways To Use Ponzu Sauce

What Is Ponzu Sauce?

Ponzu sauce is an amazing Japanese seasoning that you can enjoy the refreshing citrus flavor and umami taste of soy sauce at the same time.

What Is Ponzu Sauce and How Is It Used?

The 6 Different Types of Ponzu Sauce

The 10 Best Ways To Use Ponzu Sauce

By the way, to thoroughly enjoy the taste of ponzu sauce, you should probably know the best ways to use it, right?

Here, I would like to introduce the 10 best ways to use ponzu sauce! Please use it as a reference.

1. Hot pot dish

You can actually use ponze sauce for any type of hot pot dish. To make it easier to imagine, I give you some examples here.


Mizutaki is the soup with chicken and various vegetables, and it’s cooked from water so that you can make great stock from chicken and bones.


Shabu-shabu is the dish that thinly sliced beef or pork are parboiled in hot soup.

Ponzu sauce is used as a sauce to put in a small bowl at hand when eating these hot pot dishes.

2. Sashimi

Ponze sauce goes so well with raw fish and various seafood such as oyster. Here are some examples.


Fugu-sashi, also known as “tessa” is sashimi of thinly sliced fugu (pufferfish meat). It is usually eaten with ponzu soy sauce. Recommended way of eating is wrapping green onion, grated daikon and chili with fugu, then dipping in the ponzu sauce.


Katsuo-no-tataki is a type of sashimi in Japan, seared bonito slices. It will be extremely tasty if you eat the seared bonito sashimi with some condiments (such as green onion, shiso, myoga, ginger, and garlic) and ponzu sauce.


Putting some ponzu sauce and grated daikon on raw oyster is also highly recommended.

3. Hamburger steak

Usually, hamburger steak is eaten with demi-glace sauce or ketchup sauce. But, ponzu sauce is another choice for it. Shiso and grated daikon are essential for this refreshing ponzu sauce.

4. Grilled fish

Although it depends on your taste, Japanese people often put grated daikon and soy sauce on grilled fish. At that time, citrus fruits such as lemon and lime are sometimes added. So, ponzu sauce can be great substitute for soy sauce + citrus fruits.

5. Steamed chicken and vegetable

Steamed dish such as steamed chicken and steamed vegetables also go great with ponzu sauce. Since they are very simple dish and has light taste, you can directly feel the goodness of the ponzu sauce.

6. Cold tofu

For most Japanese, I think soy sauce will be the first choice when eating cold tofu (hiyayakko). However, ponzu sauce is also perfect sauce to enjoy the tofu. It will be a refreshing appetizer.

7. Pickled dish

When making pickled dish from scratch, we usually use vinegar, sugar, and a little soy sauce. In fact, making the pickled dish with ponzu sauce is extremely easy and delicious. It’s especially recommended for those who prefer a refreshing citrus flavor to a sweet and sour taste.

8. Gyoza

Eating gyoza (dumpling) dipping in ponzu sauce is very popular in Japan. Some people like to make the sauce with soy sauce, vinegar, and chili oil. Others love ponzu sauce instead of that.

9. Salad

You can make salad dressing using ponzu sauce. It’s good to eat salad with ponzu alone, but mixing it with mayonnaise is also amazing!

10. Stir-fried dish

Just like you are using soy sauce, you can season various types of stir-fried dish (even simmered dish too) with ponzu sauce. If you get tired of the standard soy sauce flavor, it’s time to use ponzu sauce instead. The taste will be a little sour and very refreshing.

Ponzu Sauce Recipes

4 Ways To Enjoy Ponzu Sauce Recipes


How was the 10 best ways to enjoy ponzu sauce?

Certainly, there are no special rules on the use of ponzu sauce. So, please use as much as you like for your favorite dishes.

I hope you can find out the best dish for this amazing seasoning!

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