My Kitchen Tools, Seasoning & Favorite Foods

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๐Ÿณ Cooking Tools

โ€“ Small Rectangle Pan (Tamagoyaki Pan)*
ย  *If your burners are large, check out this pan.
โ€“ Miso Muddler
โ€“ Food Jar Lunch Container
โ€“ Small Mixing Bowl (with the straight one side and hanging hook)
โ€“ Earthenware Clay Pot (Donabe) for gas stovetop
โ€“ Earthenware Clay Pot (Donabe) for electric cook topย
โ€“ Bamboo Tray (You can choose either round type or square type!)
โ€“ T-fal Pot Set
โ€“ Sesame Grinder
โ€“ Bento Lunch Box (Stainless Steel)
โ€“ Bento Lunch Box (Wood)
โ€“ Takoyaki Maker (Grill Pan)
โ€“ Electric Takoyaki Maker
โ€“ Veggies Cutter Set

๐Ÿง‚ Seasonings

โ€“ Soy Sauce
โ€“ Sake for Cooking
โ€“ Mirin
โ€“ Salt & Pepper
โ€“ Miso Paste
โ€“ Miso Paste (with Dashi)
โ€“ Soybean Miso (Dark-color/Hatcho Miso)
โ€“ Japanese Mayonnaise
โ€“ Tonkatsu Sauce (Bull-Dog)
โ€“ Worcestershire Sauce (Bull-Dog)
โ€“ Okonomi Sauce for Okonomiyaki (Otafuku)
โ€“ Ponzu
โ€“ Sugar
โ€“ Shoga Ginger Paste
โ€“ Myoga Ginger Paste
โ€“ Shiso Paste
โ€“ Gochujang
โ€“ Doubanjiang
โ€“ Oyster Sauce
โ€“ Panko
โ€“ Potato Starch
โ€“ Japanese Mustard (Karashi)
โ€“ Curry Roux (JAVA-Hot)
โ€“ Curry Powder (S&B)
โ€“ Chili Oil (Ra-yu)
โ€“ MSG (Haimi)

๐Ÿฅ˜ Oil

โ€“ Black Sesame Oil
โ€“ Maruhon Pure Sesame Oil
โ€“ White Sesame Oil (Clear Sesame Oil)

๐Ÿฅฃ Dashi (Stock Powder)

โ€“ Hondashi
โ€“ Shirodashi
โ€“ Mentsuyu (Our favorite brand โ€œNinbenโ€)
โ€“ Somi Shantan (Chicken Stock Powder with Meat and Vegetable Extract)
โ€“ Chicken Stock Powder
โ€“ Consomme (Stock Powder)
โ€“ Dashi Stock Powder (Packet)

๐ŸŽ Food & Beverage

โ€“ The Best Rice in Japan (Tsuyahime)
โ€“ Acacia Honey (Made in Hokkaido, Japan)
โ€“ Seasoned Kelp Strips
โ€“ Bonito Flakes (Katsuobushi)
โ€“ Nori Seaweed
โ€“ Pickled Plum (Umeboshi)
โ€“ Dried Wakame Seaweed
โ€“ Japanese Whisky (Hibiki)
โ€“ Somen (Ibonoito)
โ€“ Hayashi Rice Roux
โ€“ Ochazuke seasoning

๐Ÿต Japanese Tea

โ€“ Matcha
โ€“ Green tea
โ€“ Brown Rice Tea (Genmaicha)
โ€“ Barley Tea (Mugicha)
โ€“ Roasted Green Tea (Hojicha)
โ€“ Sanpincha (Okinawan version of Jasmin tea)

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