What Is Koyadofu and How Is It Used?

Have you heard of koyadofu, or koya tofu?

Here, I would like to share the secret of the freeze-dried tofu.

What Is Koyadofu (Freeze-dried Tofu)?

This is a preserved food that is made by freezing tofu, aging it at low temperature, and drying it well.

It is lightly tightened sponge-like shape in dry condition. When using for cooking, you need to soak them in water. After that, please cook as you like.

How Is Koyadofu Made?

As a traditional manufacturing method, the tofu is exposed to the cold air at night for several days in the shade. After dehydration, the tofu is heat-dried.

In the modern manufacturing method, it’s produced by freezing and drying by indoor equipment with hygiene control.

Koyadofu made with the traditional manufacturing method will tend to be hard. That is why it often takes long time (about one night) to rehydrate.

Therefore, a food additive called a softener is usually contained in recent product. It reduces the time for rehydration when cooking.

By the way, a defective shape of the koyadofu is sometimes processed into powder. This is called “powdered tofu”. It is used for cooking in Nagano prefecture, etc.

What Does Koyadofu Taste Like?

You can taste the flavor just like the tofu. But, basically it has simple and light taste. So, it will be even more delicious by simmering koyadofu with some kind of soup stock or seasonings.

More than anything, the unique texture of koyadofu is impressive. The texture depends on the original tofu manufacturing method, actually.

Koyadofu made with firm tofu will have sponge-like texture. On the other hand, the one made with silken tofu will have yuba-like texture.

How Is Koyadofu Used?

First of all, koyadofu must be moistened and rehydrated to cook since it’s dry food. It’s usually rehydrated with boiled water.

Nowadays, some koyadofu that do not require rehydration or that can be cooked in a microwave oven are also commercially available.

Next, let me introduce some common dishes of koyadofu.

Simmered Koyadofu

This is called “fukumeni” in Japanese. Fukumeni means the food that boiled softly with a lot of juice so that it tastes good. The juice is made from dashi stock, soy sauce, mirin, sake, and sugar.

Koyadofu with Soft Scrambled Eggs

The scrambled egg makes the dish mild and matches well with softly boiled koyadofu. Green pea can add beautiful color to the dish.

In addition to those dishes, you can also use koyadofu in place of regular tofu. For example, you can put it in soup dishes and stir-fried dishes instead of tofu. Making tofu steak using koyadofu is great way too!

How Long Is Koyadofu Good to Eat?

Koyadofu is a dry product, and it has high storage stability. However, if the storage period is long, the fat content will oxidize. As a result, the quality will deteriorate. The maximum period of eating without spoiling the taste is about 6 months.

Additionally, please be careful when storing as it easily adsorbs odors. In order to prevent oxidation and odor transfer, it is desirable to put it in a sealed container and store it in a cool and dark place.

How was those knowledge about koyadofu?

I hope you can enjoy learning them, and please try to taste it once!

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