What Is Rice Bran In and What Is It Good for?

What Is Rice Bran?

The term “bran” refers to pericarp, seed coat, germ that are remains when grain is polished. So, “rice bran” is the remains when rice is polished.

How Is Rice Bran Used?

Some people might wonder that “What is rice bran in?”
Others might think like “How do you eat rice bran?” and “What can I make with rice bran?”

Here, let me introduce the 4 major usages of rice bran in Japan.

1. Used For Food
2. Used For Beauty
3. Used For Cleaning
4. Used For Recycling of Used Oil

Used For Food

Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran contains a lot of oil, so there is a type of vegetable oil made from rice bran.
Compared to other vegetable oils, it takes time and effort in the purification process.
Because of that, the price of the rice bran oil is high, and its use is limited in Japan.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is the rice without being polished, so it contains rice bran.
The polished white rice is generally used all over Japan, but brown rice has been popular to a certain extent.

Nukadoko (Bed of Salted Rice Bran Used for Pickling)

Rice bran is very nutrient-rich food, so it’s used for the bed for nukazuke (Japanese traditional pickles using rice bran).

What Is Nukazuke and How To Make It?

Used For Beauty

It has been said since many years ago that the hands of people who have managed rice bran pickles (nukazuke) are smooth and beautiful. And many Japanese people have believed that rice bran makes the skin pretty.

Rice Bran Face Wash

Rice bran can be used for face washing. First, you need to mix it with a little water to make a paste. Put the rice bran paste on your face and massage lightly, then rinse it. It can remove old keratin, and make your skin smooth, moist and silky.

Rice Bran Face Pack

You can make homemade face pack from rice bran too. The face pack is made by mixing rice bran and flour (a proportion of three to one) with a little water. Some yogurt or green tea can be added in the paste to your liking.
Using flour makes it easier to fit the skin actually, and this face pack can moisturize your skin.

Other than those, rice bran also can be used for making bath additive.

Used For Cleaning

In the old days rice bran was widely used as a detergent in Japan.
It is said that some component of protein contained in rice bran plays the role of a surfactant.

Floor Polishing

You can get the effect as if you applied wax after polishing the floor and furniture with rice bran.
In particular, you should put the rice bran in a bag made of a slightly thicker cotton cloth. Then, close the top of the bag with a string, and use the rice bran bag as a cleaning cloth.


Roasted rice bran can be used as deodorant which get rid of a bad smell. It can deodorize cigarette odors and garbage odors. Also, it’s recommended to put it in the toilet, refrigerator, or shoe cabinet.

Used For Recycling of Used Oil

How do you dispose the used oil at your home?
There is a great way to reuse the used oil using rice bran actually. I mean you can make fertilizer for the vegetable garden!
In order to make the fertilizer, mix the rice bran with the used oil first. Then, put it in a plastic bag, seal it, and ferment it for about a month.
When you use it, mix the fertilizer with soil well so that it doesn’t hit the roots of the plant directly.

Nutrition of Rice Bran

Below you will find the nutrition information for a 3.5 oz (100g) of rice bran:

・Calories: 412kcal
・Water: 10.3g
・Total Carbohydrates: 48.8g
 └Dietary Fiber: 20.5g
・Total Fat: 19.6g
・Protein: 13.4g
 └Sodium: 7mg
 └Potassium: 1500mg
 └Calcium: 35mg
 └Magnesium: 850mg
 └Phosphorus: 2000mg
 └Iron: 7.6mg
 └Zinc: 5.9mg
 └Niacin: 34.6mg
 └Pantothenic acid: 4.43mg
 └Vitamin E: 10.4mg
 └Other Vitamins: 6.8mg (Vitamin B6, Thiamine, etc)

What Is Rice Bran Good for? – Benefits of Rice Bran

Rice bran contains abundant nutrients including vitamin B family, vitamin E, minerals, and fibers.

This nutrients help you to improve blood circulation and improve natural healing power.
Recent studies have been said that you can expect the prevention of cancer, arteriosclerosis, blood clot, and fatty liver by taking the nutrients of rice bran.

Additionally, it’s said that rice bran improves cutaneous blood flow and moisturizes the skin.


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