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Yoshihiro Maru Career Stats 丸 佳浩 打撃成績


・DOB: 4/11/1989
・POSITION: Center Fielder
・BAT/THR: Left/Right
・HEIGHT: 5′ 8″
・BIRTHPLACE: Katsuura city, Chiba (千葉県勝浦市)
・SCHOOL: Chiba Keizai High School (千葉経済大学附属高等学校)
・DEBUT: 9/12/2010

Batting Champion

Stolen Bases (2013)
Hits (2013)
On-Base% (2018)

Career Highlights

2x MVP (2017-2018)
7x Gold Glove [Outfielder] (2013-2019)
5x Best Nine Award [Outfielder] (2014, 2016-2019)

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