Best Easy Vegetable Dashi Recipe

Get Best Dashi with Vegetable Scraps

Previously I introduced the amazing onion skin dashi.

Best Easy Onion Skin Dashi Recipe

But, there are many other kinds of vegetable scraps besides onion skins that come out on a daily basis, right? For example, carrot skin, cabbage core, paprika seeds and calyx, etc.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could make dashi stock using these whole scraps?

Here, I would like to introduce the BEST EASY Vegetable Scraps Dashi. You can feel the great flavor and umami of vegetables!

Let’s make effective use of garbage!

Best Easy Vegetable Dashi Recipe


・2 Carrot skin and calyx (About 1oz)
・2 Onion skin (About 0.5oz)
・2 Paprika seeds and calyx (About 1oz)
・1 Potato skin (About 1oz) 
・Half Cabbage core (About 2oz)
・4.2 cups (1000ml) Water

For 1000ml water, you will need about 5.3oz (150g) vegetable scraps.

If you get vegetable scraps when cooking, let’s save little by little. Put in a freezing storage container or bag, and keep it in a freezer. Before storing, please rinse with water to remove dirt and lightly wipe off the moisture.

Of course, you can use anything other than those listed above, for instance, eggplant calyx, shiitake mushroom axis, and green onion.


1. Boil water in a pot. When it boils, add the frozen vegetables.

2. Bring to a boil again and simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes.

3.Prepare a colander and a bowl. When the heat is removed, strain the vegetable scraps.

Ready to use!

If not used immediately, put in a storage container with a lid, and keep in the refrigerator. Storage period is about 2 to 3 days.

Tips for Making Vegetable Dashi

Tip1. Use vegetables with sweetness

If you add carrot skin, onion skin, and shiitake mushroom axis, the sweetness will come out easily.

Tip2. Use many kinds of vegetables

The more vegetables you use, the more delicious the soup will be. If you use 5 or more kinds of vegetables, the taste will be deeper.

Tip3. Use different parts of vegetables

Please use not only the skins but also calyx and seeds of the vegetables. The more parts you use, the better the flavor.

Tip4. Freeze vegetable scraps in advance

Because the cells of vegetable scraps are broken by freezing, it helps the umami ingredients in vegetable to dissolve in liquid very well.
The freezing storage period is about one month counting from the place where you first started storing.

Recommended Dishes Using Vegetable Dashi


To enjoy shabu-shabu, put a thin slice of meat, your favorite vegetables and mushrooms into a hot pot. Then eat them while dipping in the sauce such as ponzu sauce or sesame paste sauce.

The soup for this hot pot dish is very important. So let’s use vegetable soup stock for this.
By using the vegetable dashi for shabu-shabu, dashi is soaked in vegetables and meat firmly and is extremely delicious!

Takikomi-gohan (Japanese mixed rice)

Japanese mixed rice is often made with many kinds of ingredients including carrot, burdock, thin fried tofu, chicken, etc. But if you use the vegetable dashi, you can make rice with strong sweetness and umami with a few ingredients.

Please try to make takikomi-gohan by putting vegetable dashi in place of water.

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