Can You Reuse Dashi Packet?

Can You Reuse Dashi Packet?

Once you have finished making dashi stock using a dashi packet, you cannot use the same packet to make soup stock again.

However, the residue can be reused sometimes. Furikake (condiment for rice) is the best recipe for it.

All you need is to mix the ingredients below on a pot, and boil down until all of the water is gone.
・3 packets of residue left after making dashi
・2 tbsp Sake
・2 tbsp Soy sauce
・2 tbsp Mirin
・2 tsp Sugar
・Sesame seeds as you like

Before eating the contents of the packet, please make sure it doesn’t contain anything that could hurt your mouth, for example, small fish bone or something like that.

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Can You Use the Contents of Dashi Packet?

Here, I would like to answer another question about the contents of a dashi packet.

Q. Can you take out the contents of dashi pack and use it in cooking?

A. Yes, here are 3 ideas of using the contents of a dashi packet directly when cooking or eating something.
1. Use as a Furikake
2. Use as a Seasoning
3. Use as a Ingredient

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 on this page!

By the way, if you are interested, please check this page for details of Dashi and Dashi Packet.

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What Is Dashi Packet and How Is It Used?

1. Use as a Furikake

Furikake, a condiment for rice is usually mixture of powders of various flavors, nori seaweed, and sesame seeds. There are so many types of flavors: examples of the popular ones are egg, bonito flakes with soy saue, salmon, cod roe etc.

If your dashi packet contains various fish powders including bonito, the furikake would be a higher level than usual having a complex umami taste. Why don’t you make it following the recipe above.

If making the furikake with the pot is such a hassle for you, you can just sprinkle the contents directly on the rice. Maybe it’s even better to add a little soy sauce.

Like I said earlier, making furikake using a residue left after making dashi is also great way. But, If you use a new one, you can make even more delicious furikake.

2. Use as a Seasoning

We often use dashi in various types of Japanese cuisine.

Personally, dashi granules are extremely convenient to use in daily life. But, if you have a dashi packet, you should definitely use it as a seasoning. You can actually substitute the contents of dashi packet for dashi granules.

For example, when making stir-fried dish, fried rice, yakisoba noodles, or whatever dish that needs dashi, you should just sprinkle dashi powder taking it out of the small packet.

The dashi powder can add amazing umami taste to the dish, and you will be able to experience a bit different taste than usual.

When the liquid soup stock is essential material for your recipe, don’t use the contents of the dashi packet.

3. Use as an Ingredient

When you are making omelette, sometimes you change the topping in it, right?

You can use the contents of a dashi packet just like the topping for various dishes, for example, of course omelette, okonomiyaki, gyoza filling, and so on.

Since the contents have not only contain great umami, but also interesting texture, these dishes becomes even more special by using the dashi packet as an ingredient.


A residue left after making dashi: You can make furikake by simmering it with seasoning.

Contents of the dashi packet (New one): You can make furikake with it, use it as a seasoning, and as an ingredient in various dishes.

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