The 3 Most Common Rice Rinsing Mistakes

Can you cook rice deliciously?

Here, I would like to talk about the most important preparation for cooking rice: How to rinse rice properly.
I think many people think that rice should just be rinsed with water.

But, there are 3 things that you shouldn’t do while rinsing the rice!!

If you avoid those things and know some tips, you can actually make quite delicious rice.


Let’s check the 3 tips for rinsing rice following the direction.

[Step 1] Quickly rinse the rice once → [Step 2] Grip the rice lightly to remove the bran from the rice → [Step 3] Rinse well and finish

Tip 1

By rinsing the rice, the bran and dust on the surface of the rice are removed, and the rice will be so delicious. Please see step 1 above: “Quickly rinse the rice”. The first tip is that you should rinse very quickly with plenty of water in the first step. If you need, use a colander or something like that to make sure not to let the rice flow into the sink.

Speed is the most important thing here. Let’s quickly throw away the water so that the rice does not suck the bran and odor again from the muddy water mixed with bran and dust from rice.

Tip 2

In step 2, you need to remove dirt that was not removed in step 1. After draining quickly, please gently squeeze and release the rice. Repeat this action evenly. The second tip is that you should complete this action in 40 seconds. You don’t have to rinse and do this action again, “squeeze and release” step is only once.

Tip 3

After removing the bran and dust, add water, stir lightly, and discard the water. Repeat this 3 times to rinse the bran with water. When finished, raise it in a colander and drain it.
The third tip is that you should treat rice gently. It’s recommended to use a plastic colander. If it’s a stainless steel colander, the rice may crack.

Common Mistake 1

In step 1, are you not putting the rice in a bowl first, and then put water from the tap directly? It’s actually not good when rinsing for the very first time. Dry rice absorbs more and more water from the moment it first comes into contact with water. Because it is easiest to absorb water at the beginning of rinsing, it also absorbs bran and odors while waiting for the water to be stored in the bowl.

In order to avoid this, you should prepare plenty of water in a bowl and pour the water into the rice at once.
Also, be careful not to stir over and over or leave it for a long time when you first add water.

Common Mistake 2

In step 2, don’t use your palm to push the rice. It may cause the rice to crack.

Also, you shouldn’t remove dirt while filling rice with water. You can’t get rid of bran and dust well because friction between rice does not occur when water is contained. Make sure to do “squeeze and release” action with the water drained.

Common Mistake 3

In step 3, are you not rinsing too many time? Some people like to rinse repeatedly until the water becomes clear. But you shouldn’t do that, and 3-4 times are enough. If you rinse too many times, even the deliciousness and nutrients of rice will flow.


Did you learn well about 3 things that you shouldn’t do while rinsing the rice?

  • Don’t spend time on the first watering.
  • Don’t use your palm to push the rice.
  • Don’t rinse too many times.

Please try to cook super delicious rice while being careful about these things if you have a chance to cook rice at home!

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