10 Quick DIY Incense Holders – Amazing Hacks

Your favorite smell of incense always makes you relax and relieve your stress…

But what if you can’t find any incense holders at home?
Maybe you want to make your own holder real quick.

Here, I want to introduce very easy 10 DIY ideas of making homemade incense holder.
You can make it with familiar things without spending much money!

I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Binder Clip

Things to prepare
・Binder clip
・Small dish (plate) or Aluminum foil

Making a incense holder with a binder clip is very simple and easy.
All you have to prepare is the clip and some plate to catch ashes.

How to fix the incense stick depends on the shape of your binder clip. Just make sure the incense stick does not fall. You can hold the incense with the binder clip, or you can pass the incense through the hole in the binder clip.

If you use a small binder clip, it may not be able to withstand the weight of incense and may fall due to instability. So larger size is recommended.

2. Paper Clip

Things to prepare
・Paper clip
・Small dish (plate) or Aluminum foil

Just like using a binder clip, paper clip is also very useful item to make a incense holder.
Good thing about paper clip is that you can change the shape freely.

Make a holder by bending the paper clip so that the incense stands stable. You may need pliers to bend it because it’s a detailed work.

To catch ashes, please prepare a small plate or dish too.

3. Button

Things to prepare
・Small dish (plate) or Aluminum foil

When it comes to something hard with a hole is… button!
Button can be also substitute for a incense holder. Any type of button is fine to use as long as the hole size matches with the incense thickness.

4. Toothbrush Holder

Things to prepare
・Toothbrush holder
・Small dish (plate) or Aluminum foil

Pottery toothbrush holder can be also used as a incense holder.
It has a dent, so incense will not fall over even if you insert it. But ashes will fall off, so it’s a good idea to put a small plate or aluminum foil under the toothbrush holder.

5. Plastic Bottle

Things to prepare
・Plastic bottle
・Utility knife or Scissors

First, make a cut or hole in the lid of the plastic bottle. Make sure the incense stick fits snugly in the hole in lid.

2. Cut out 1-1.5 inches square in a little above the middle of the bottle. It’s like the window of the bottle, and it becomes a hole where incense smoke comes out.

3. Add water about 0.5 inch from the bottom just in case, so it won’t catch fire even if the ash falls.

4. Insert incense in the cut with the part to ignite down, then light the incense.

5. Tighten the lid of the plastic bottle carefully, then finish!

A fragrant scent spreads from the wide open air holes. Ashes of incense fall into the plastic bottle, so the room will not be full of ash.

By the way, if you can’t find the lid of the plastic bottle, you can substitute hairpin, binder clip, or clothespin for the lid. It will be okay as long as the incense becomes dangling.

6. Aluminum Foil

Since aluminum foil is non-burning material, it’s also suitable for making a incense holder.
Some of the hacks above are using aluminum foil to catch the falling ash, but you can make the holder itself with aluminum foil.

The shape of the holder depends on your taste: you can make a small cup while molding aluminum foil by hand, or you can make small ball with aluminum foil and insert the root of incense into the ball and put it in a bowl.

Great thing about this hack is that you can just throw it away after using it.

7. Paper Clay

By using paper clay, you can create your favorite shape of incense holder. Paper clay hardens when it dries, so incense stick can be firmly fixed.

It would be great if you could also make a place to catch the ash.

8. Can

If you have a empty can at home, that is very useful item for making a incense holder too.
It’s long and has a narrow mouth so you can stand a incense stick without falling over.

There are several ways to use empty can for the holder actually.
1. Put incense in the hole of the can

2. Put incense in the hole of the tab

To catch ashes, please prepare a small plate or dish too.

9. Baking Soda

There is no danger of catching fire even if the ash falls in baking soda. And, you can easily make a incense holder by filling an empty bottle (bowl) with baking soda.
If you devise a container, it seems to be a fashionable interior.

10. Small Pebbles / Gravel

Other than the baking soda, you can also use gravel to make incense holder. Prepare empty box or bottle whatever you like to use, and fill it with gravel, then put a incense stick.

It may be difficult to insert if the pebbles are too large to put incense, or there is a possibility that the incense will break when you touch it. So, it’s better to use the one with the smallest grain possible.

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