The 8 Best Masher Substitutes

Masher is incredibly useful tool that you can use for various dishes.

In Japan, we use it when making potato salad and croquette (deep-fried mashed potato). Maybe most of you use this appliance when making mashed potatoes.

Potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, boiled eggs, etc… Masher can crush a variety of materials quickly and it makes cooking terribly easy, right?

But some of you have thought like this: What can I use if I don’t have a masher?

Here, I want to introduce the best 8 substitutes for masher that you can easily try at home! If your masher is broken or it can’t be found, please refer to the following idea.

1. Fork / Spoon

Forks and spoons are almost invariably in everybody’s home, and easy to substitute.
You can easily crush potatoes with a fork if they are microwaved well and get soft already. If cooked potatoes become rough paste with a fork, you should use a spoon after to make it more smooth.

The fork could be broken when the ingredients to be crushed are too hard, so silverware (stainless steel) forks are recommended.

2. Rolling Pin

Rolling pin that can be used for making sweets can be also substitute for masher.
It’s stronger and more solid material than a fork or spoon, so it’s easier to apply force.
How to mash depends on you: you can crush the material by rolling it or you can hold it vertically and crush it using the edge part.

If the rolling pin is too small, it takes more time to finish mashing. So, it’s better to use bigger rolling pin.

3. Whisk

Since it originally stirs the liquid, whisk is suitable as a substitute for crushing watery ingredients.
If you substitute whisk for masher, the completion will be fine and smooth texture.

If you crush a hard ingredient, the shape of the whisk may be distorted. Be careful not to apply too hard material.

4. Wrapped Cup

The bottom of the cup is sturdy, so you can mash the ingredients properly with it. It is highly recommended as it is easy to apply force.

You can wrap the cup with a plastic wrap or put the cup in a plastic bag. Also, you can wrap the ingredients in a bowl or tray and crush them with a cup.

You can crush a lot at once with a large cup, but it might be too big to hold. I recommend to use a cup that is easy to hold.

It will be easier to crush if you break the shape to some extent with a fork before crushing with the bottom of the cup.

5. Turner

Turner can be also good substitute for masher. The large area of turner actually makes it easy to crush.

Firstly, you should crush the boiled ingredient into slices vertically with a turner. Then, hold it flat and crush it finely.

If you put the ingredients to be crushed in a deep bowl, it will be difficult to crush them, so it is recommended to put them in a flat tray and crush them.
A plastic turner or a silicon turner could be bent when you crush hard foods with them. So, stainless steel turner is more recommended.

6. Disposable Gloves + Hand

Some of you might want crush ingredients with your hands if you have a pair of disposable gloves. When you do that, make sure to let it cool down. But if the material is too cool, you can’t crush them well. So, please check the precise timing.

If you don’t have the gloves, you can use a clean plastic bag instead.
Put the ingredients in the bag, and crush with your hand. Be careful not to crush too hard, otherwise the contents come out.

7. Skimmer (Ladle with Holes)

Ladle with holes (it might be called “skimmer”) is good appliance to crush ingredients. The normal ladle could be the one, but skimmer is better for the substitute.

Firstly, you need to roughly crush the ingredient by using ladle edge, then crush into small pieces by using the part where the ladle has a hole.

The shape of skimmer could be bent if the ingredients are too hard, so you should use it when crushing soft materials or use a stainless steel skimmer.

8. Rice Paddle

If you eat rice on a daily basis, you probably have a rice paddle at home. Wooden or plastic one, either rice paddle can be substitute for masher actually.

Firstly, microwave the ingredients to make it soft, and crush it into slices vertically with the rice paddle. Then, hold the rice paddle flat sideways and crush into small pieces.

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