[Summary] Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba Movie: Mugen Train

・This is summary of Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) Movie: Infinity Train (Mugen Train) with spoilers.

・The movie is directed by Hruo Sotozaki, and based on Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba) by Koyoharu Gotoge.

・It was released on October 16, 2020 in Japan, and released on April 23, 2021 in the US.


Main Characters

Tanjiro Kamado 竈門炭治郎: Main character who is swordsman at demon slayer corps. He sets out on a dangerous journey to find a way to return his sister to normal and destroy the demon who ruined his life.

Nezuko Kamado 竈門禰󠄀豆子: Younger sister of Tanjiro. She has been transformed into a demon herself.

Zenitsu Agatsuma 我妻善逸: Tanjiro’s friend and swordsman at demon slayer corps. His personality is cowardly and timid.

Inosuke Hashibira 嘴平伊之助: Tanjiro’s friend and swordsman at demon slayer corps. Wearing a boar headgear.

Kyojuro Rengoku 煉獄杏寿郎: A member of “Hashira”: 9 highest swordsmen in demon slayer corps. Also known as “Flame Hashira.”

Kagaya Ubuyashiki 産屋敷耀哉: 97th head of the demon slayer corps. Everyone call him “the master of the mansion.”

Amane Ubuyashiki 産屋敷あまね: Wife of Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

Muzan Kibutsuji 鬼舞辻無惨: The first demon that had been born over a thousand years ago.

Akaza 猗窩座: A member of the upper rank of twelve kizuki.

Enmu 魘夢: A member of the lower rank of twelve kizuki. His basic tactics is called blood demon art that he makes people dream at will.

Summary of the Story

The master of the mansion (Kagaya Ubuyashiki) and his wife, Amane visit tombs of warriors of the demon slayer corps who died battling with demons.

The master of the mansion had noticed that his days are numbered, and he says that he wants to prevent any victims of the battles in his time.

Tanjiro Kamado, Zenitsu Agatsuma, and Inosuke Hashibira are ordered to join with Kyojuro Rengoku (Flame Hashira) at infinity train.

Three persons (Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke) jump onto the very last car of the infinity train departed from the platform of the station, and look for Kyojuro Rengoku. Inosuke is very impressed with the train because it’s first time to see it.

Three persons go to the forward car of the train, and they find Rengoku eating ekiben (bento box).

Tanjiro asks Rengoku about the dance of the fire god (the hinokami kagura) and sun breathing, but Rengoku says it’s new to him and doesn’t know about them.

Rengoku says those three can be tsuguko and he is taking care of them. Three persons are very glad about that.

Rengoku tells them that the basic types of breathing are flame, water, thunder, stone, and wind, and flame breathing and water breathing have a long history.
Tanjiro tells Rengoku about the color of his sword, then Rengoku says that the black sword swordsman had never become Hashira, yet he can train Tanjiro with it.

Inosuke asks them to go outside and compete with each other, but Rengoku stops going out saying demons can appear at any time. He tells them about the story 40 people are missing on the train recently, and several swordsmen were already sent but went missing. That is why Rengoku is here on this train now.

Gaunt conductor comes up to them to punch their tickets. The lights go out suddenly, and it smells bad. A large demon appears in the passage of a passenger car. Rengoku uses flame breathing first form, unknowing fire to cut off the demon’s neck. He says there is another demon, and goes to the forward car of the train.

There is four-eyed demon with long limbs on the forward car. Inosuke attacks the demon immediately. Rengoku helps passengers, and uses flame breathing second form to cut off the demon’s neck.
Three persons ask Rengoku they want to be disciples, and Rengoku says okay.

However, all have been put to sleep by enmu’s blood demon art from the time the conductor cut the ticket. That means it was all dream.

[Tanjiro’s dream]
Tanjiro is walking in the snow. There are his brother, Shigeru and his sister, Hanako. He hugs them.

2 boys and 2 girls tie the hands of four sword-fighters and their own with a rope. The trick of enmu is that he let his minions get into sword-fighters’ dreams with a rope to destroy the core of the mind in the unconscious realm outside the dream, and let them be crocked up.

[Tanjiro’s dream] Tanjiro is with his mother and siblings in the house telling them “I think I had a bad dream.”

[Zenitsu’s dream] Zenitsu takes Nezuko’s hand and walk in the field, and crosses the river with her back.

[Inosuke’s dream] Inosuke explores the cave with his minions: Pon-jiro, Chu-itsu, and Nezuko. Inosuke finds the train and fight.

[Rengoku’s dream] Rengoku tells his father that he finally become Hashira which means a member of 9 highest swordsmen in demon slayer corps. But his father says “That’s rubbish.”
Suddenly one day, his father quit the sword-fighter, and lost his passion. Rengoku starts coaching for his younger brother.

A girl invades Rengoku’s dream, and cut the boundary of dream with an awl. The outside is a land where flames burned. The girl finds the core of the red spirit in the air and tries to poke it with an awl.
Supposed-to-be-sleeping and can’t move Rengoku grabs the girl’s neck.

[Tanjiro’s dream] Tanjiro’s mother says she is baking rice crackers, and children are so glad. Tanjiro is cutting firewood in the forest, and he says “Let’s go Nezuko!” feeling that something is wrong while putting firewood in the basket and carrying on his back.
They go back home, and Tanjiro asks his siblings “Where is Nezuko?” They answer “She is picking edible wild plants.” He goes “In the daytime?”, then he feels that something is wrong again.
Tanjiro goes to the river to draw water, and sees the basket on her back in the woods.
Tanjiro himself reflected on the surface of the water says “This is dream, you have to wake up and fight!” He considers the way to get out of the dream eating dinner with his family.

Nezuko appears from the box placed on the train seat. Nezuko head-butts Tanjiro to wake him up, but blood spills from his forehead and flames squirt from the body.
Flames erupt from Tanjiro when he is eating dinner with his family. He jumps out of the house, then meets Nezuko who has picked edible wild plants. He leaves his family and goes ahead.

A boy who invaded Tanjiro’s dream cuts through the boundaries of dreams. Outside is a wide and warm world where the blue sky is reflected on the surface of the water

A girl who invaded Inosuke’s dream is attacked by Inosuke in the cave.

A boy who invaded Zenitsu’s dream is chased by Zenitsu with scissors saying “Only Nezuko can enter!”

Enmu on the roof of the train is impatient that no one has destroyed the core of the spirit yet.

Tanjiro’s father talks to Tanjiro “Hold the blade! There are things you must cut!”, then Tanjiro slashes his own neck with a sword to wake up from his dreams.

Awakened Tanjiro sees sword-fighters and strange boys and girls sleeping holding hands with a rope. Nezuko burns the rope and cuts it. Four boys and girls attack him saying “We wanted to have a happy dream.” Tanjiro stuns boys and girls. The tuberculosis boy who invaded Tanjiro’s dream touched Tanjiro’s kindness in the dream, and appreciates for it.

Tanjiro leaves rest of three and passengers to Nezuko, and heads to the leading vehicle that seems to have a demon. Tanjiro finds Enmu on the roof of the lead vehicle. Enmu says “You had a good dream, right?”

Tanjiro gets angry saying “Don’t step into the heart of a person!”

Enmu notices that Tanjiro is wearing earrings like hanafuda (Japanese playing cards), and become happy because this guy is the one Muzan Kibutsuji requires. Enmu uses blood demon art toward Tanjiro with the mouth on the back of his left hand called whispering of forced fall hypnosis that force the other person to sleep. But Tanjiro doesn’t sleep.
Tanjiro actually slept and suicided himself at the same time in his dream, and he had been wakeful. In his dream, his deceased family were blaming Tanjiro saying “Why didn’t you save us?”

Tanjiro says “Don’t insult my family!”, and uses water breathing tenth form, constant flux. Then he cut Enmu’s neck with nichirin sword. But Enmu does not disappear.
Enmu fuses with locomotive, and says “All 200 passengers are food and hostages.”

Tanjiro returns to the car and tries to wake everyone up. Inosuke wakes up, and he cut the locomotive fused with Enmu. Even if it’s cut, it returns to the original immediately and there is no end.
Nezuko becomes bigger and cut the tentacles, but she is caught by tentacles.
Zenitsu is still sleeping and helps Nezuko by cutting the tentacles with the art of lightning.

Rengoku directs Tanjiro and Inosuke to find the real form of Enmu, while Rengoku is defending 5 back cars out of 8 cars, and Zenitsu and Nezuko is defending 3 front cars out of 8 cars.

Tanjiro and Inosuke head to the first train car that seems to have weaknesses.
Inosuke makes a hole under the suspicious floor with a sword. Then they find the neck bone and tries to cut it, but is blocked by tentacles. When they cooperate together and try to cut the meat and bones, countless eyeballs suddenly appear on the tentacles. The moment Tanjiro makes eye contact with the eyeballs, he falls asleep. Tanjiro slashes his neck in a dream and repeat awakening. After that, he starts trying to decapitate himself in the real world, and Inosuke stops him. Because Inosuke is wearing the headgear, it was difficult to match the eyes with the countless eyeballs.

The train driver manipulated by Enmu stabs Tanjiro’s abdomen. Tanjiro and Inosuke attempt a coordinated attack: Inosuke cuts the meat on the floor, and Tanjiro tries to cut the appeared bones by using the dance of the fire god (the hinokami kagura). Finally, he succeeds in cutting Enmu’s neck bone.

The neck of Enmu fused with the locomotive is cut and he thrashes violently, and the train is derailed. Tanjiro and Inosuke are thrown out of the car.
Enmu complains that everyone around him is bad, and eventually he disappears saying “Am I dying? This is nightmare….”

Rengoku comes by Tanjiro who were seriously injured, and heals broken blood vessels by using total concentration.

New demon, Akaza (a member of the upper rank of twelve kizuki) appears, and he invites Rengoku to become demon. Rengoku refuses that saying “Whatever the reason, I will never be demon!” Akaza and Rengoku start fighting at a speed that Tanjiro can’t follow with his eyes. The two are evenly matched, but Akaza plays immediately even if his arm is cut, while Rengoku gradually increases the wound. Rengoku’s left eye is crushed, breaks his ribs, and his internal organ is injured. He has wounds all over his body, so he tries to slash a lot of area with a single blow. Then he finally uses the secret principle of flame breathing, the ninth form: Rengoku. Akaza intercepts this attack by using destruction killing: Messhiki.

Dust of earth clears, then there are Akaza with many injuries, and Rengoku whose stomach is penetrated by Akaza’s right arm. Rengoku tries to cut Akaza’s neck with his nichirin sword.

Rengoku is remembering that his mother used to say when he was young “It is the responsibility of the strongly born to help the weak. Don’t forget it.”

When the dawn is near, Akaza feels anxious. Then he escapes from the fight forcibly, and runs into the forest avoiding the sunlight.
Tanjiro is screaming “This is the victory of Rengoku, he protected everyone without dying!”

Rengoku calls Tanjiro, and tells him that something about the dance of the fire god (the hinokami kagura) may be written on the note successive Flame Hashira left at Rengoku’s birthplace.

Rengoku tells a will “To his brother, Go ahead with his heart. And to his father, Take good care of his body.”
He also tells Tanjiro that he accepts Nezuko as a member of the demon slayer corps. He encourages Tanjiro saying “I believe you guys are persons who will be a pillar supporting the demon slayer corps.”

Rengoku sees his deceased mother, and asks her “Did I do what I had to do?” His mother says “Yes, you did.” Rengoku takes his last breath with smile.

Zenitsu tells everyone that Rengoku minimized train damage using technique continuously when the train is derailed so that all passengers were safe.
Tanjiro says “I wonder if I can be like Rengoku….”
Inosuke whimpers “Don’t think about such boring thing.”

Rengoku’s death is told to other members of Hashira by kasugai crow. The master of the mansion (Kagaya Ubuyashiki) says “He protected 200 people from death. Rengoku did his best. It seems that I won’t be able to hold on much longer, and going to the realm of the dead where Rengoku went.”
Tanjiro sheds tears saying “Rengoku….”

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