How to Order [3 min JAPANESE #11 – Easy Learning]

Today (the day I took this video) is May 28th.
Did you know May 28th is National Hamburger Day in America.

I didn’t know, but maybe it’s enough reason to talk about hamburger
for today’s 3 min JAPANESE.

Let’s learn how to order foods and drinks in Japanese today.

I’ll have a hamburger.

hanba-ga- kudasai.

  • hamburger → ハンバーガー (はんばーがー / hanba-ga-)

  • please (give me) → ください (kudasai)

    Firstly, put the name of the thing you order, then put ください (kudasai).

When you order something in English, probably you say like
“May I have … ” or “I will have … ” those kind of phrases.

You may put “please” at the end, like “I will have a hamburger, please”.
But you hardly say only “Please … “, like “Please hamburger”. Right?

But in Japanese, only ください (kudasai) is totally fine.
I wouldn’t say it’s really really polite, but it’s polite enough.

ください (kudasai) is very useful phrase. You can use this word for fast-food restaurant and any other kind of restaurants when you order foods and drinks.

How about the number of foods or drinks when you order?
Please put it before ください (kudasai).
For example,

I’ll have one hamburger.
hanba-ga- hitotsu kudasai.

  • One → 1つ / ひとつ (hitotsu)

[Extra lesson]

Let’s learn how to count number in Japanese real quick.
The way of counting things in Japanese differ depending on the thing you are counting. But it’s enough to memorize “〜つ” or “〜個” for ordering foods or drinks.

  • One → 1つ / ひとつ (hitotsu)  or  1個 / いっこ (ikko)

  • Two → 2つ / ふたつ (hutatsu)  or  2個 / にこ (niko)
  • Three → 3つ / みっつ (mittsu)  or  3個 / さんこ (sanko)

  • Four → 4つ / よっつ (yottsu)  or  4個 / よんこ (yonko)

  • Five → 5つ / いつつ (itsutsu)  or  5個 / ごこ (goko)

  • Six → 6つ / むっつ (muttsu)  or  6個 / ろっこ (rokko)

  • Seven → 7つ / ななつ (nanatsu)  or  7個 / ななこ (nanako)

  • Eight → 8つ / やっつ (yattsu)  or  8個 / はっこ (hakko)

  • Nine → 9つ / ここのつ (kokonotsu)  or  9個 / きゅうこ (kyuuko)

  • Ten → 10 / とお (too)  or  10個 / じゅっこ (jukko)

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!


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