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Japanese Mixed Rice with Canned Sardine and Corn

Have you ever tasted takikomi-gohan, Japanese mixed rice?
We make this extremely delicious rice using seasonal vegetables or our favorite ingredients. You can actually put any kind of material you want.

Today’s recipe is using canned sardines and corn, so you can cook super easy using only rice cooker!

Of course you can use your favorite canned fish or even fresh fish if you want, for example salmon. Also, you can add your favorite vegetables or mushrooms to your liking.

If you are tired of eating white rice, get stuck with the idea of side dish, or you cannot decide how to use your canned sardines, please try this recipe!

Another recipe for Japanese mixed rice (takikomi-gohan):

【Recipe for Japanese Mixed Rice with Canned Sardine and Corn】

Ingredients (2 servings)
5.3 oz (150g/180ml) white rice
0.5 cup (130ml) water*
3.5 oz (100g) canned sardine including juice
2.3 oz (65g) canned corn

1 tablespoon sake
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon grated ginger

5-10 sheets shiso (Japanese basil), Shredded

* The amount of water should be 1.1 times to 1.2 times the amount of rice.
So 0.8cup (200ml) should be good for 5.3 oz (150g/180ml) white rice. However, today’s rice will be cooked with juice of canned sardine and some liquid seasonings such as soy sauce and sake.
So you must use less amount of water than 0.8cup (200ml) or the rice will be too soft and won’t taste good.
Let’s use 0.5 cup (130ml) of water this time.

About Japanese canned sardinesI use this Japanese canned sardine which is seasoned with soy sauce and sugar. It already has good taste but I add more seasonings to make even better rice! If you can’t get this soy sauce flavored one, for example if you get canned oil sardine, probably you should double the amount of seasonings on my recipe.


1. Put all of seasonings in a bowl and stir well.

2. Wash white rice quickly. After draining water, pour 0.5 cup (130ml) of water.

3. Add mixed seasonings, and stir well.

4. Add canned sardines and its juice too.

5. Add corn.

6. Cook for the same amount of time as normal rice.

7. When the rice is cooked, leave it without opening the cooker for 10 minutes.

8. Flake fish and stir well. Then dish up and sprinkle shredded shiso (Japanese basil).

Japanese Mixed Rice with Canned Sardine and CornReady to eat!

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