I will introduce “DASHI” which is local dish in Yamagata prefecture today.

When we say “DASHI” in Japanese, it means stock or broth most of the time.
But today’s “DASHI” is totally different!

“YAMAGATA DASHI” is actually pickled vegetables that is seasoned basically with soy sauce and little bit of sugar and vinegar.

The vegetables could be anything you have in your fridge, but generally people use summer vegetables such as eggplant and cucumber.
Also Japanese spices (herbs), for example, shiso, myoga, and ginger are important to add fresh flavor to it.

Highly recommended way to eat “YAMAGATA DASHI” is eating with white rice or cold tofu.
One time I had this at beef bowl chain restaurant in Japan. They serve it only summer season, and the beef bowl topped with “YAMAGATA DASHI” was really tasty!

Although the basic recipe for this uses only soy sauce as main seasoning, I used miso paste with soy sauce as always.
I hope you will love this miso flavor recipe too (I totally loved its taste!) and please find your favorite style for “YAMAGATA DASHI”!

【Recipe (2 servings)】

3.5 oz cucumber, Cut into small dices
3 oz eggplant, Cut into small dices
5 sheets of shiso (Japanese basil), Minced
1 tablespoon (1 piece of) minced myoga ginger
1 tablespoon (1 piece of) minced ginger
1 tablespoon shredded kombu (sea cabbage)
●2 tablespoons soy sauce
●1 tablespoon miso paste (shinshu koji miso paste)
●1/2 tablespoon vinegar
●2 teaspoons sugar
●2 teaspoons sweet sake (mirin)


1. Mix ● seasonings in a mixing bowl.

2. Soak eggplant in water for 2-3 min to remove bitter taste.

3. Drain eggplant using a strainer, and pat dry with paper towel.

4. Pour 1 tablespoon of ● sauce, and stir well.

5. Wait for about 2 min. After water comes out, drain eggplant again.
By removing wetness of eggplant in such process, “YAMAGATA DASHI” becomes long-life pickles.

6. Mix cucumber, shiso, myoga, and ginger in a mixing bowl.

7. Add eggplant, kombu (sea cabbage), and remaining ● sauce to the bowl, and stir well.
If you have time, put pickles in fridge before you eat.
Pour it on rice or cold tofu.


Save the rest of pickles in clean storage container.
It will last for about 3 days if you keep refrigerated.