Upgrade Your Ramen BEST MISO RAMEN (Recipe) – Easy Instant Ramen Hacks

Miso Ramen

Are you looking for something new to your instant ramen?
This is absolutely easy recipe to upgrade your normal instant ramen to the best MISO RAMEN.
Some of you might think of beef, chicken, or shrimp flavor when it comes to instant noodles.
However, there is new and best choice for you…
MISO RAMEN is definitely must-try flavor!
The rich soup made from miso paste matches perfect with butter and corn.

If you could find the miso flavor instant ramen, it’s one of your choice, but I highly recommend to try this recipe that use real miso paste. By using real miso paste for the ramen soup, the taste gets even better!

【Recipe (1 serving)】

1 pack of instant ramen (any kind of flavor is fine)*
About 1 tablespoon miso paste
2 teaspoon sugar

2 table spoons minced green onion
1 boiled egg
2 teaspoon butter
1-2 tablespoon corn (as much as you want)

*You need the separate packet of flavoring too

About Miso PasteActually I have three kinds of miso paste in my fridge so I decided to use all of them.
But using only one kind of miso paste is totally fine.

Just for your information, I introduce each miso paste I got for today.↓I use 1 teaspoon of shiro-miso (shiro means white, so this is white miso).
It contains less salt rather than normal one.
Also, some of them contains sugar in it. This one does contain sugar, so it tastes little sweet and not so salty.

And 2 teaspoons of normal red miso.
By the way, the package says “kyo kaiseki”, it’s just the brand name.
This miso paste is most common kind of miso paste because it has nicely balanced flavor.
I think this is very useful miso paste you can use for any dish. For example, I use it for making miso soup everyday.
It contains dashi (stock) of bonito and kelp.

Finally half teaspoon of soybean miso.
Previously mentioned two kinds of miso paste are made from malted rice but this one is made from soybean koji instead of that. That’s why the color is unique, it’s very dark.
This one also contains dashi (stock) of bonito and kelp.
I use a little bit of soybean miso because the taste is unique. Iit’s kind of bitter, or stronger than others, so I use it as secret ingredient.


1. Boil the water (as much as you need according to the package of instant ramen). When it comes to boil, add half amount of the separate packet of flavoring.

2. Add sugar.

3. Turn off the heat, and add miso paste. (Please turn off the heat in advance because the flavor of miso paste could be lost if its boiled.) Use whisk or something like that to dissolve miso paste completely.

4. Please check the taste of soup here. Add more miso paste or the packet of flavoring if the taste is too weak. If it’s too strong, add more water and heat up.

5. Prepare new pot, and cook noodles. Cook for 2-3 minutes according to the package. When it’s done, drain hot water from noodles.

6. Reheat the miso soup, and pour it to the bowl.

7. Put noodles into the bowl, and put all of toppings.

Ready to eat!

If you have several kinds of miso paste, I highly recommend to mix them.
It must give you complex flavor and tastes amazing!

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