Best Fluffy OKONOMIYAKI Recipe – Easy Cooking At Home


Have you tasted Okonomiyaki?

It’s sometimes described as Japanese pancake or Japanese pizza.
The shape is kind of pancake but its taste differs completely.

The sauce on top of Okonomiyaki is very unique and super delicious.
It also amazingly matches with mayonnaise. (I hope you can try Japanese mayonnaise though.)

Anyway please try this BEST fluffy Okonomiyaki once. It’s so easy to make at home.

I use less flour than normal recipe, so it’s actually healthier!
Also if you are on diet of gluten free, you can use rice flour instead of flour. Since I use only 2 Tbsp of flour for this menu, the taste won’t be change so much even though you use substitute.

【Recipe (1 serving)】

9 oz cabbage, Cut into thin stripes
2 oz green onion, Cut into bite sized
3 oz Chinese yam
2 eggs
2 oz sausage*, Cut into bite sized
2 oz pork*, Cut into bite sized

2 tablespoons flour
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon sake
½ teaspoon chicken stock powder
1 tablespoon red pickled ginger (called “beni-shoga” in Japanese)
1.5 tablespoons dried shrimp
A pinch of salt and pepper

Okonomi sauce
dried sea lettuce (called “aonori” or “aosa” in Japanese)
dried bonito shavings

*Please use more meat if you want. Also, you can add shrimp and squid if    you like seafood.


1. Cut green onion, cabbage, sausage, and pork in advance. Put vegetables to the bowl. Peel the skin of Chinese yam and grate the yam. Then put it to another bowl.

2. Mix grated Chinese yam with two eggs and all of seasonings (soy sauce, sugar, sake, chicken stock powder, salt and pepper).

3. Pour the mix of Chinese yam, eggs, and seasonings into the bowl of green onion and cabbage. Then add the rest of ingredients: flour, red pickled ginger, dried shrimp, sausage, and pork.  Mix everything well.

4. Spread one tablespoon of oil on the frying pan, and cook the dough of Okonomiyaki on low heat for five minutes. Don’t forget to put the lid on.

5. After five minutes, turn over Okonomiyaki. Recommended to use the flat plate to turn over nicely. Then cook the other side of Okonomiyaki on low heat for another five minutes.

6. Dish up it on the plate, and prepare toppings for final step.

7. Put Okonomi sauce first, and put mayonnaise after that. Sprinkle dried bonito shavings, and dried sea lettuce.

OkonomiyakiReady to eat!

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