What Is Ponzu Sauce and How Is It Used?

What Is Ponzu Sauce?

Ponzu sauce is Japanese seasoning made from citrus juice.

Strictly speaking, the Japanese term “ponzu” refers to the seasoning that adjusts the taste and enhances storage stability by adding acetic acid to citrus juice. Citrus juice is including lemon, lime, yuzu, sudachi, and kabosu.

However, generally speaking, people imagine soy sauce based ponzu sauce instead of the above when they hear “ponzu” in Japan.

What Ponzu Sauce Is Made of?

As I mentioned earlier, soy sauce based ponzu sauce is very common in Japan. So, let me introduce the raw materials of that here.

・Genuine brewed soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans)
・Fructose-glucose liquid sugar
・Citrus juice
・Brewed vinegar
・Seasoning (including amino acid)

What Does Ponzu Sauce Taste Like?

In addition to the taste of soy sauce, it has a refreshing taste with a slight citrus flavor. The acidity is not so strong.

How Is Ponzu Sauce Used?

1. Dipping sauce for hot pot dish

For example, shabu-shabu is one of the most popular hot pot. The boiled pork and vegetables matches super well with the citrus flavor.

2. Dipping sauce for gyoza (dumpling)

Generally, Japanese people often make the dipping sauce for gyoza by mixing soy sauce and vinegar. But, using ponzu sauce is the perfect sauce too, and easier to prepare.

3. Sauce for cold tofu, sashimi, and various seafood dish

Putting ponzu sauce on the cold tofu (hiyayakko) instead of soy sauce is highly recommended. It will be more flavorful and much more delicious.
Also, ponzu sauce goes amazingly well with seafood including sashimi, grilled fish, oyster, etc. The citrus flavor can take away the smelling of the sea.

4. Ponzu jelly dressing

You can make delicious ponzu jelly sauce by using gelatin. Putting the jelly dressing on salad or boiled shrimp are great way to enjoy ponzu sauce. It not only gives you interesting texture and refreshing taste of citrus, but also makes the dish look beautiful.

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Diiferent Types of Ponzu Sauce

There are various types of ponzu sauce on the market.
Here, I would like to introduce 6 different types of ponzu sauce that I often see at stores.

・Ponzu sauce
・Ponzu soy sauce
・Yuzu ponzu sauce
・Kombu ponzu sauce
・Raw ponzu sauce
・Sesame ponzu sauce

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Ponzu Sauce Recipes

4 Ways To Enjoy Ponzu Sauce Recipes

Can I Substitute Ponzu for Soy Sauce?

Yes, you can do that!
Since the main ingredient of “ponzu soy sauce” is soy sauce, especially that can be the perfect substitute.

You can enjoy a different flavor than normal soy sauce because the refreshing citrus is added.

However, it may not be suitable for people who don’t like the scent of citrus and the sour taste. In that case, please try to add sugar or mirin a little to adjust the taste as you like.

How Do You Make Ponzu Sauce from Scratch?

You can make ponzu sauce so easy at home.
There are 6 ways of making ponzu sauce from scratch, so please check it out!

The 6 Best Ponzu Sauce Substitutes

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