Remote Work [3 min JAPANESE #4 – Easy Learning]

As you all already know, more and more companies have started remote work last few months.
I’m surprised that some of them are planning to do that forever.

I think remote work is great way as long as we communicate well each other.
How about you? Are you working from home?
I do work from home now, so I really feel exercise is very very important these days.

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is about this remote work.

Let’s learn 3 Japanese words for “remote work” today.

remote work:

  1. リモートワーク(りもーとわーく / rimo-to wa-ku)
  2. テレワーク(てれわーく / tere wa-ku)
  3. 在宅勤務(ざいたくきんむ / zaitaku kinmu)

  1. リモートワーク(りもーとわーく / rimo-to wa-ku)
    One of the English word for working from home is “remote work” right?
    It can be Japanese as it is.
    リモート (rimo-to) → remote
    ワーク (wa-ku) → work
    It’s written in Katakana, and the pronunciation is a little different from English.

  2. テレワーク(てれわーく / tere wa-ku)
    This is also written in Katakana.
    I’m not sure if this word is used in English speaking countries, but it’s very common word in Japan.
    テレ (tere) → tele → remote
    ワーク (wa-ku) → work
    This テレワーク is seen in the Japanese media most frequently.
    I’ve heard that テレワーク has longer history than リモートワーク in Japanese society, so I think that’s why テレワーク is more common in Japan.

  3. 在宅勤務(ざいたくきんむ / zaitaku kinmu)
    It’s written in kanji characters.
    Let’s look at each one of them.
    在宅 (ざいたく/ zaitaku) → staying home
    勤務 (きんむ / kinmu) → work / duty
    Although there is another common word for work, 仕事 (しごと / shigoto)
    For “remote work” we use 勤務 not 仕事.
    Please say 在宅勤務 not 在宅仕事.

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!


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