Wanna Go to Moon [3 min JAPANESE #2 – Easy Learning]

Science Alert said  that NASA announced new guidelines about moon trips and space development in May 2020.
Seems like this guidelines has the name “Artemis Accords”.

I’ve never known about “Artemis Accords”, but I’ve heard news concerning the moon flight once in a while in Japan.

A while ago, a famous business owner in Japan, really rich man , he said he is planning the moon flight for artists all over the world.
I wish I could join the moon flight someday!!

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is relating to moon (“tsuki” in Japanese).

Let’s learn how to say “days of the week” in Japanese today.
They derive from The name of solar system planet (太陽系の惑星 / taiyoukei no wakusei).
Let’s start!

  • Monday = 月曜日 (げつようび / getsuyoubi)
    It derives from Moon.
    Moon is 月 (つき / tsuki) in Japanese.
    But for Monday, the pronunciation of the kanji character “月” is not (つき / tsuki) but (げつ/getsu).

  • Tuesday = 火曜日 (かようび / kayoubi)
    It derives from Mars.
    Mars is 火星 (かせい / kasei) in Japanese.

  • Wednesday = 水曜日 (すいようび / suiyoubi)
    It derives from Mercury.
    Mercury is 水星 (すいせい / suisei) in Japanese.

  • Thursday = 木曜日 (もくようび / mokuyoubi)
    It derives from Jupiter.
    Jupiter is 木星 (もくせい / mokusei) in Japanese.

  • Friday = 金曜日 (きんようび / kinyoubi)
    It derives from Venus.
    Venus is 金星 (きんせい / kinsei) in Japanese.

  • Saturday = 土曜日 (どようび / doyoubi)
    It derives from Saturn.
    Saturn is 土星 (どせい / dosei) in Japanese.

  • Sunday = 日曜日 (にちようび / nichiyoubi)
    It derives from Sun.
    Sun is 太陽 (たいよう / taiyou) in Japanese.
    The kanji character 日 (にち / nichi)has the meaning of sun too.

By the way, the kanji character “曜 (よう / you)” has the meaning of the seven luminaries (Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Sun).

Also, the last kanji character “日 (び / bi)”means “day” like “day of Monday” or “day of Tuesday”.

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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