Movies Made You Cry [3 min JAPANESE #8 – Easy Learning]

What is the most touching movie that made you cry?

This question went viral on twitter recently. So why don’t we talk about this for today.

How about you?
What are you going to pick for the most cried movie you’ve ever watched?

I haven’t cried with movies for a while. I used to… but I don’t these days.
It’s because whenever we watch movie, my husband always choose action films haha.

I guess some of you already picked the one that gave you unforgettable feeling.

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is this.
How to say “The movie that makes you cry” in Japanese.

The movie that makes you cry
nakeru eiga

  • makes you cry → 泣ける (なける / nakeru)*

  • the movie → 映画 (えいが / eiga)

    *normal verb: cry → 泣く (なく / naku)
    It changes into 泣ける (なける / nakeru) here which is potential verb.
    泣ける (なける / nakeru) is like “can cry”, showing the possibility of crying.

[Extra lesson]

Let’s try to make the sentence “I want to watch the movie that makes me cry” in Japanese.

I want to watch the movie that makes me cry.
(私は) 泣ける映画が見たい。
(watashi wa) nakeru eiga ga mitai.

  • want to watch → 見たい (みたい / mitai)

  • が (ga) is particle which indicates the target of desiring behavior

  • I → 私は (わたしは / watashi wa )*

    *We don’t usually say the subject, “私は” in this situation. You can abbreviate it.

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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