Best Japanese Fruit Sandwich Recipe


・10 pieces of  White bread (that is exclusively for sandwiches)*1
・0.8 cup (200ml) Heavy cream
・2-3 tablespoons Sugar
・2 Bananas*2
・9 Small strawberries*2
・1 Kiwifruit*2

*1 You can use your favorite bread, but I highly recommend to use soft one.
*2 Please use your favorite fruits. You can also use grape, orange, cantaloupe, etc.


1. Prepare whipped cream. Please whip the cream to stiff-peak stage. Put the whipped cream in fridge while preparing for fruit.

2. Wash your fruits, and cut them to your favorite size. If you use strawberries, please cut the calyx part of the strawberry.

3. Take the cream out of the fridge and apply it to the bread.

4. Put the fruit on it and apply more cream.

5. Place another piece of bread and wrap it in plastic wrap.

6. Rest in the fridge for few minutes so that the shape become stable.

7. After 10-15 minutes, take the sandwich out of the fridge, and cut while being aware of the cross section of the fruit.

Ready to eat!

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