Can you imagine what does PEANUTS MISO taste like?

Perhaps many of you think peanuts are just for snack and eat it as it is.
However, there is the best recipe for roast peanuts in Japan!

PEANUTS MISO gives you perfect combination of the taste: a little salty and very sweet at the same time.

I haven’t eaten this for a long time, but now its taste reminds me of that my grand father used to eat PEANUTS MISO with rice often…! (Maybe I will try it with rice later haha).

Now I know miso is a great match with peanuts, and I should probably make miso recipe with peanuts butter too in the near future.

Anyway, this recipe is very simple (the main material is only peanuts), and very tasty!!!
Please enjoy delicious Japanese peanuts snack!

【Recipe (2 servings)】

3 oz peanuts
1 tablespoon grind white sesame (if you have)
●2 tablespoons sake (or white wine)
●2 tablespoons sweet sake (mirin)
●2 tablespoons miso paste
●1 tablespoon sugar
●1 teaspoon honey


1. Roast peanuts on low heat for 3 min.

2. Add ● seasonings to the pan, and stir well.

3. Boil down for about 5 min until it gets sticky. Make sure to keep stirring.

4. Turn off the heat. Then add grind sesame to the pan, and stir well.

PEANUTS MISOReady to eat!

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