Meiji Mura “Demon Slayer” Real Life Locations in Japan

Here, I would like to introduce the details about Meiji Murawhich is an open-air architectural museum/theme park in Inuyama, near Nagoya in Aichi prefecture.
This is the 4th “Demon Slayer” Real life Locations on the list.

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What Is Meiji Mura?

Meiji-mura is a open-air museum where more than 60 historic monuments including 11 important cultural properties of the Meiji era were relocated.

It’s a huge theme park that boasts the third largest site area in Japan. You can have wonderful experiences there: for example, test driving of steam locomotive that was actually running in the Meiji era, tasting Meiji era gourmet, and trying on clothes from the Meiji era.

Why Is It Real life Locations?

Demon Slayer is set in the Taisho period which is one era after the Meiji era. But Meiji-mura actually have several similar spots as the scenes in Demon Slayer. So this theme park has become really popular destination for fans since the TV anime launched in Japan.

There are two main spots that are related to Demon Slayer: scenery of the hospital ward and the steam locomotive. I am explaining the details about those two in the following “highlight” section.
There might be other spots that is reminiscent of Demon Slayer other than those two, so please try to look around carefully when you visit Meiji-mura!

What Is the Highlight of Meiji Mura?

Trying on Meiji Era Style Costume

There is a rental service of Meiji era style costume at Meiji-mura. You can feel like you’ve time-traveled into Meiji era! They are available for women and men, and you can choose either the course of commemorative photo or the course that you can take a walk in the park with costumes. There are height restrictions and maximum number of loans, by the way, so please check it in advance.

Take a Commemorative Photo at a Popular Photo Spot

The flowers and plants of the four seasons grow thick at Meiji-mura. Cherry blossoms and plum blossoms are amazing in spring, and autumn leaves are also spectacular.

Historic monuments including 11 important cultural properties of the Meiji era are brilliant after all. It’s highly recommended to take pictures with those buildings and beautiful nature.
Even if the weather is not good, there are many buildings whose interior is open to the public. So you can take pictures with the beautiful interior.

Especially St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral where the stained glass are beautiful and central entrance of the Imperial Hotel with stunning modeling are very popular spots to take a photo.

Tasting Meiji Era Gourmet

There are a lot of delicious foods at Meiji-mura. Actually the Meiji era is when a full-fledged Western food culture was brought to Japan.

The restaurant “Omlette Rice and Grill Romantei” serves extremely delicious omelette rice, and it has become popular through social media. You can taste Western food menu associated with the Meiji era here!

Japanese Red Cross Society Central Hospital Ward

All right everyone, it’s time for the much anticipated spots related to Demon Slayer!

The first spot is Japanese red cross society central hospital ward which is located in 35, 4-chome, Meiji-mura. The scenery of the ward is very similar to the scene of Anime Episode 23: Tanjiro and his friends are sleeping at the hospital named Choyashiki.

Steam Locomotive No. 9

The second spot which is reminiscent of Demon Slayer is steam locomotive No. 9. It’s made by Baldwin Locomotive Works in the U.S. and imported in Meiji era.

This steam locomotive is very similar to the train that Tanjiro and his friends are riding in the last episode of TV series. Also, this train will be the main stage of Demon Slayer movie: Mugen Train.
It has become very popular spot among many fans especially after the movie launched in Japan.

You can actually ride this steam locomotive (Adult 500 yen / Elementary 300 yen).

Basic Information of Meiji Mura

Meiji Village Museum 博物館明治村 Hakubutsukan Meiji-mura
・Address: 1 Uchiyama, Inuyama, Aichi
・Tel: 0568-67-0314
*Admission Fee:Adults 2,000 yen / University Students & Seniors 1,600 yen / High School 1,200 yen / Elementary 700 yen *Personal charges
・Opening Time and Closing Day:Depends on the season, so please check in advance on website

Transport / Access to Meiji Mura

・You can take thefixed‐route bus from the nearest station: Inuyama station.
Please take the bus bound for [the main gate of Meiji-mura] departs from [Meitetsu Inuyama Station]. It takes about 20 min, and costs 430 yen for Adults and 220 yen for Elementary (One-way).

・You can also take the direst bus from the bus terminal at Meitetsu Nagoya station. It takes about 90 min, and costs 980 yen for Adults and 490 yen for Elementary (One-way).

・If you visit Meiji-mura by car, please use paid parking lot (having almost 900 parking spaces).




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