OKRA miso soup recipe

OKRA miso soup

For some reason, okra reminds me of my memory of drawing at kindergarten. I was using vegetable stamps to draw means using the cross section of okra and lotus roots. I remember it was so much fun putting paint on those vegetables.


The cross section of okra looks like a star doesn’t it?
The cute looking makes me have fun at cooking!

What kind of dish do you cook with okra? If you have made a soup with okra, it may be easier to imagine okra miso soup!

【Recipe (2 servings)】

1 oz miso paste (fermented soybean paste)*1
1 teaspoon dashi granules*2
1.5 oz okra, Thinly sliced
3 oz tofu, Diced
1.7 cups (400ml) water

*1 Feel free to adjust the amounts of miso paste to your liking.
*2 If miso paste already contains dashi, don’t need dashi granules. I use miso paste containig dashi this time.


1. Sprinkle the salt on okra and roll on the chopping board to remove okra’s downy hair.

2. Heat water in a saucepan.

3. Once it boils, add okra and tofu. Simmer for 1-2 minutes to cook them. (Add dashi granules if you need). Then remove from heat.

4. Add miso paste and stir until miso is completely melted.

OKRA miso soup
OKRA miso soup

Ready to eat! (Since the soup gets so sticky, miso may stay at the bottom. So stir well before pouring. Be careful to not break tofu.)

The soup with okra turns very sticky. It’s more than I thought!
I had introduced various miso soups with sticky foods so far, and now okra miso soup is one of them. I like that it still has kind of crispy texture!

Enjoy your miso soup!

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