Natural Disaster [3 min JAPANESE #13 – Easy Learning]

India and Pakistan are battling with the worst locust attack in about 30 years.

That’s so sad that people there are having really hard time to fight with both locust plague and pandemic.

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is about natural disaster.
That’s not happy thing, but just for your information, let me share those.

We will learn 5 Japanese words for natural disaster today.

1. Earthquake
2. Typhoon
3. Heavy rain
4. Heavy snow
5. flood

  1. earthquake
    地震 (じしん / jishin)
    It’s said that Japan is an earthquake nation. You could always see the earthquake alert on TV or website if you live in Japan.

  2. typhoon
    台風 (たいふう / taifuu)
    We have a lot of typhoon too especially in summer and fall.

  3. heavy rain
    大雨 (おおあめ / ooame)
    I guess people hardly use this word in daily conversation, but you often see it in whether information as 大雨警報 (おおあめけいほう / ooamekeihou) which is heavy rain warning.

  4. heavy snow
    大雪 (おおゆき / ooyuki)
    Heavy rain warning is 大雪警報 (おおゆきけいほう / ooyukikeihou).

  5. flood
    洪水 (こうずい / kouzui)
    Flood warning  is 洪水警報 (こうずいけいほう / kouzuikeihou).
    It’s also often issued in Japan after heavy rain. Especially if you live near a big river, you’ve gotta be really careful.

I really hope you and your family won’t be hurtful from those natural disaster but I think it’s good to know Japanese vocabulary for those danger anyway.

Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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