Cleanest Air on Earth [3 min JAPANESE #15 – Easy Learning]

CNN said scientists say they have found the cleanest air on earth.
It’s located over the Southern Ocean. The reason why there is the cleanest air is that the places is free from particles caused by human activity.

That’s so amazing, and I wish I could breathe the cleanest air!
Don’t you think so?

By the way, today’s 3 min JAPANESE is this.
How to say “the cleanest air on earth” in Japanese.

the cleanest air on earth
sekaiichi kireina kuuki

  • the best on earth → 世界一 (せかいいち / sekaiichi)

  • clean → きれいな (kireina)

  • air → 空気 (くうき / kuuki)

Actually きれいな (kireina) have various meanings such as
beautiful, lovely, pretty, clean, etc.

Let me share 2 kinds of phrase using きれいな (kireina).

1.  a clean room (neat and organized room)
      kireina heya

2.  a beautiful woman
      kireina josei

In English, you use totally different vocabulary in those 2 situations such as clean and beautiful.
But In Japanese, you can use きれいな (kireina) for both of the situations.

By the way きれい is Na-Adjective.
Na-Adjective has to be 〜な when it qualifies noun.
So you need to put な after きれい


Please check the pronunciation of each word in YouTube video!

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